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Haven't been on here in awhile, but great point, especially being an athiest. I'm a Catholic and staunchly pro-life yet I refuse to argue abortion from anything besides a scientific and philosophical stance, otherwise people just disregard your argument from go. I've had this discussion many a time with a friend who was athiest and refused to see the importance of human life all together. I guess he was even more of a nihilist than just athiestic. I'm a huge fan of Ayn Rand, an athiest also, but the one thing that I always felt she missed her own point was in defending abortion, when she herself valued human life.

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You should read Leonard Piekoff's "The Ominous Parallels" he talks about just that, and it's more poignant today than when he wrote it in the 1980's.

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Jew hater is right. The 1967 borders would in essence render Israel defenseless. It would take Israel from 45 miles wide to just 8, how is this a compromise?

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I really don't understand what's so funny about his surname. I could write some horrible thing about your last name, it doesn't make it true. So snicker all you want, it just makes me think your moronic. Anyone who's taken first year latin or who has been to Catholic School for that matter could see the obvious etymology of his name.

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Santorum derived from the Latin word Sanctus = Saint, the genitive plural form is "Sanctorum", used also to indicate the All Saints feast. Possibly connected to someone acting as a saint, or who has connection with religious things (a sacristan) ....far from some bastardized colloquialism coined by a perverted sexual deviant like Dan Savage.

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I have to agree with you. I took a few courses in Eastern Religions, and coming from a Christian background there was more parallelisms (in terms of ethics and morals) in Buddhism as compared to the others.

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I'm in agreement with you on the dark period. At the risk of sounding stupid I'm unsure what the Earl Warren reference is, wasn't he a supreme court justice? Or am I proving that I am indeed stupid ;)

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I'm just picturing the future of Gamblers Anonymous: "My name is Tommy I'm five and addicted to Whac-A-Mole"

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Riiiight..but "clinging to their guns and religion" wasn't racist.

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Oh of course, their only moral standard is need. Their morals and arguments are ever-shifting based upon whatever they need to fit their agenda. Arguing with one is like playing sports by an ever-changing rule book. Objectivity is thrown out the window.