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Of course you do, assmonkey, because it doesn't have someone dressed in a white sheet and hood or in a brown uniform with a swastika on their arm telling you what to think.

But if you want to get picky about it, all forms of media is in someway propaganda. Propaganda is not a bad or derogatory word nor is a good or positive word, it is truly a neutral word with no connotations. Now if you add a specifier to propaganda you change the connotation, like Nazi, White Supremacist or Antisemitic, Leftist, then propaganda is derogatory and bad. But if you leave propaganda by its self, well, nothing, it's neutral ...Is this too far over your head?

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That would make our trolls the dingleberries ( Definition 1 * http://www.google.com/dictionary?q=dingleberry&am... ).

Just kidding, they would be dingleberries no matter what, that part of what makes them assmonkeys.

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So says the assmonkey troll with a chronic case of craniorectal insertion.

Have you even a brain or do you just regurgitate the BS from your master?

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SmedleyB changed moniker to Catotheretard (or something like that) when SmedleyB got banned. I was out of the country for several weeks so I don't know if the Cato moniker got banned or not but I haven't seen it since I got back. Dontlooknow is still very much around but only trolls 9-5, Smedley's old shift. Dontlooknow also writes in a similar style, uses the same discredited sources and links to the same videos so it is possibly another moniker of the same troll.

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I can't blame it for throwing dart @ Babs, I can't stand her either but for completely different reasons.

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Where the hell is that assmonkey dontlooknow?

This is perfect for the little troll turd!

I'm not sure that the burning of herb mean the same to Hasidic Jews as it does to Rastafarians but I could be wrong.

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What?! No Smedley or Dontlooknow or even Huskyhumpsbo?!!!

Those assmonkies have worked harder than the schmucks listed.

This is as big of a sham as the Golden Globes. That's it, I'm canceling my subscription.

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"...and at least three songs from Glee."

And marches will be replaced with Broadway tunes.

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Same BS, different thread.

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Done the homework and the fuzzy math doesn't add up.

Sorry, but when you get caught lying about the numbers because they don't support your narrative, making data up, disregarding contributing factors outside of man, quoting sources that don't exist...you lost.

"Please drop the divisive thinking and offensive labeling" even though you say, "Author comes across as ignorant and emotional." and "...but the end result is you looking ignorant." has proven the hypocrisy point, yet again.