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As an adjunct professor in IT, it sucks to see bright students wasting themselves for a law degree to join a field that is almost supersaturated.

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Good luck getting coverage on the networks. How is this for their 10 second bit:
"Federal accused felon complains about coverage..."

Bah, I hope he takes all of Man-Bear-Pig's green money!

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Will go see it.

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Just like Jimmy Carter liked helicopters...

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The progs tell you how YOU should lead your life. Do you think Soros is going to go to a government hospital and be seen by government doctors, like the common person has to in Canda (as the wish it was here), or will he go to a private hospital and get private care?

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Expecting real truth from these tools is like expecting your lotto ticket to be the big winner. It can happen, but it's not very likely.

wasn't it the old 60 minutes guy that now works at current (Dan Rather-not) who said the truth is not as important as the narrative? Small case truth v. Truth.

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Its ok because he will be portrayed as a thinking man by the media, so most folks won't know the truth about him.

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As an IT security guy in my past life, you would be amazed with how many folks use bad passwords like that every day for inportant stuff.

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Yes, cop killers and pedophiles just need understanding. I'd like them all (Cop killers and Pedophiles) to gain an understanding of kinnetic force effects with small lumps of lead...

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Great example, thanks!