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My heart has just sank! I'm in total shock.

We have lost a HUGE conservative ally. Why does it seem to always happen to the good ones?

Thanks for being one of the greatest warriors for our cause, Andrew.

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This makes me sad. Talk about a pop icon! It's very hard to imagine someone so youthful in our memory could ever possibly pass.

I went through a Monkee's phase last year....watched a bunch of episodes on dvd. I think those are still available and Davy contributed a number of excellent commentaries for them.

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But see, I don't think this conversation would be happening if the term wasn't applied strictly pejoratively, so I think that's what needs to be addressed in any response. Otherwise, certainly, the point is pretty mundane. I understand Air Force enlistment went way up after "Top Gun," so it's not without precedent. The next question is, "so what?"

The problem is that the vast majority of the media covering this film for the public sees the promotion of the US military itself as negative.

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Wrong, Jane.

I think the right has given the Pres plenty of credit, appropriate to what his level of responsibility was, on Osama bin Laden. Also, I don't think anyone is not giving him "credit" for bailing out GM. The question is whether or not this is a route we want to continue down. Few conservatives think there is anything "great" about that. I think there has been plenty variety of thought on that matter from the right. Many have ambivalent feelings about letting something "too big to fail," even though we all recognize that such rescues go against the grain of conservative, free market core beliefs.

I have heard much more intelligent, level-headed dissemination of these topics by right-wing personalities and politicians than any treatment by the left towards Republican accomplishments, which are typically - if not universally - demonized in unfair, dishonest and inaccurate ways.

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I very surprised by two things:

1. Whether or not Crystal was effective is a matter for debate, but EVERYONE in the press is referring to his Sammy Davis impersonation as "blackface." Not only is it not blackface, but is he supposed to do the imitation as a white man or drop it entirely? What is the problem? Crystal has never been anything but enamored with Davis his entire life.

2. The Christopher Guest bit about the Wizard of Oz focus group was surprisingly unfunny. This group may have lost its momentum. They waited too long to put out their last flick, "For Your Consideration", which I also was extremely disappointed by. I think all the kudos they've received from the "smart" crowd has completely gone to their heads....or something.

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Sacha Baron Cohen? No way! The guy's career is built on shock, nothing more. He's amusing sometimes, but really? You want this to be face of the Oscars?

And for anyone who complains about the show "dragging on for nearly 2 1/2 hours," is clearly not old enough to realize how stripped down the show has gotten. It's almost so bare-bones that all the wackiness, spontaneity, bloated-ness and self-importance that made it such an event for movie fans is all but gone today. Even the "in memoriam" section went by so quick, that they didn't even stop to show footageof the actors that had passed (this is the medium that celebrates the moving picture, yes?) ; only a select few got a teeny audio drop over their still photo.

If everyone is in such a rush to get through this thing, then why watch? Let the movie fans watch and the curious can read the list of winners in the morning news.

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This is a blatant attempt by TV's creative forces to be provocative and, quite frankly, anti-Christian. Presumably, this is also a vehicle for general anti-traditional-American-values bashing. The argumentation is likely not to go beyond countering the profession of said values with hypocritical behavior. Could you imagine such a title being directed at ANY other group (fill in the "Christian" blank with "Muslim", "Black" or "Hispanic" and ask yourself what reaction such a title might get)? The predominance of this stuff in our pop culture makes me sick to my stomach.

I hereby predict that it won't last the season (and I'm not big on predictions). The American public at large still knows enough to reject such idiocy. Yes, sex sells, but there's a lot more going on here and I don't think it'll pass muster.

Btw, I noticed another show advertised during the Academy Awards with "B" in the title. "The B in Apt. 23" or something similar. Are they prepping us for full-on profanity as a regular TV feature, even in the titles? Remember when primetime TV was considered a family-friendly zone?

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Exactly! Chris Rock did a comedy bit about black people only being chosen to play donkeys in animated features (wrong on that premise considering the roles Whoppi Goldberg and James Earl Jones have gotten. And what's wrong with a donkey? Aren't nearly all animated characters animals?). He mentioned that, "they won't be playing white folks," or something similar.

Billy Crystal is doing an impersonation of Sammy Davis. Yes, it's dated and old, but it's one of Crystal's best known bits. Blackface is what was worn for minstrel shows. Crystal was wearing makeup in order to look like Davis, which is a huge diff!

Was it not Robert Downey Jr who was nominated for playing a white guy in black makeup in "Tropic Thunder?"

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Mentally imbalanced? This is so typical of liberalism and one of the reasons why actual debate/dialogue rarely occurs.

Their method of argumentation is demonization 99% of the time. Conservatives are at the least stupid, and at the worst, we're racist, homophobic, xenophobic, haters, or whatever other negative label they can sling at us without any fear of reprisal from the media that supports their views wholeheartedly.

The "crazy" label is an old standby in their bag of tricks. It's been used in portrayals of Nixon, Reagan and most recently Margaret Thatcher. It was used against Goldwater during his campaign as well (a group of psychiatrists signed an open letter declaring him insane).

But it's conservatives who are the "obstructionists" to discourse? Sure we are.

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You guys are making me re-think this a little bit. I mean, don't get me wrong: I've always loved Magnum Force. I just always saw it as an answer to the liberal critics, and as such the reasoning behind making cops bad guys. Make sense?

How about the Asian chick that lives in his apartment building? No strings attached. Nice.