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The core Labour target vote seems to be the new generations of people gratefully reliant and dependent on benevolent government handouts, child/working tax credits, baby bonds etc.

How dare anyone not show enough due servitude and actually question policy.

Intelligent, independent, questioning - the antithesis of ongoing social engineering.

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Thanks for this article,

I always thought marmite was peculiarly British, I’m disappointed that it’s owned by a multinational, I feel conned, they must be making a fortune, the price of the stuff

I remember it used to be advertised as “The growing up spread you never grow out of”

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Absolutely, cats are a big problem ,some people grow food in the garden which are very small on these new estates, and with waiting lists for allotments so long, it can take years to get one. I`m unemployed and need this supplement supply.

Just another example of how overcrowded this country is.

The way things are going, If I manage to get an allotment, looks like my crops may be stolen anyway.

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You have given me an opportunity to correct a common misconception. Abortion is not legal in Britain. The Abortion Act 1967 did not legalise abortion. The abortion has to be approved by two doctors and is subject to certain conditions thus making the abortion legal, the decision is not the woman's but the doctors, the `my choice` slogan (written across her stomach) is misleading abortion propaganda.

Of course it doesn't matter because for all intents and purposes it is considered a legal right.

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What amazes me is that this is not news. Did it take one employment agency to make a mistake get sloppy and actually advertise its policy (when supplying staff to specific companies) for people to realize this was going on. Didn't we know this before, are the British people so stupid we need the media to tell us the obvious? Maybe people don't care unless it effects them personally.
I'm actually surprised that something so apparent and quite common was on the evening television news.

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How many Poles actually want to settle here and become British citizens? They're not stupid.
In a decade we will be an overcrowded, totalitarian, third world irrelevancy.

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I don’t have a passport, I’m registered with many employment agencies. I had to supply my full original birth certificate, proof of National Insurance and usually proof of residence like a utility bill. One wanted to see my bank statements for the last 2 months. All this is photo copied and held in their files. Most I have never had any offers of work from .

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I'm on Job seekers allowance, living in constant threat that the government will stop my benefit if I can't prove I'm looking for non existent jobs, I went to register at an employment agency and noticed all the information forms in duplicate Polish and English langrage versions. I live mainly on food I grow in the garden, runner beans and courgettes, supplemented, by blackberries, elderberries and rose hips now, I have jams a chutneys made to see me through the winter, Rose hip syrup like they used to make in the war. On the rare occasion I have found work, (temporary work for employment agencies), I'm stuck resentfully by all the Eastern European full time employees, who eat every day cold meet sandwiches with shop bought bread. (Meat is a rare treat for me) Need I say more about how this make me feel?

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Interesting observation, what do they mean?

Ethnically - with respect to ethnicity

Ethically - in an ethical manner (customers who wich to bank ethically)

I'm sure they do mean ethically. In which case are they saying that their other accounts and the way they do business isn’t ethical?
I wonder if they actually specify that one has to be Muslim to open an Islamic account? Or is it also for customers who wish to bank ethically regardless of what name they give it. The fact that its Shariah approved means nothing to me neither does the name, it’s the terms of the account that interest me.

I think we should avoid knee jerk reactions to this, the bank may be shooting its self in the foot, it may be useful leverage for customers in regard to bank charges.

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Surly you can be any religion you want to be.
I may start my own Muslim sect promoting and embracing as its core tenet the Islamic economic philosophy. How could they refuse my custom when I am so such a devotee of the idea.