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The crux of the 'free-speech' debate is the leftists' attempts to mislabel and frame arguments in the most extreme terms i.e. disagreement now becomes hate and hate therefore can and does lead to physiological and psychological injury and/or death. Scarier still is how they've co-opted the public sector into acceptance, who now actively engage in advocacy for the so-called aggrieved and move to legislate in order to 'protect' them.

Hate Crimes legislation, anyone?

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"Last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it." - Al Czervik Caddyshack

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From what I've seen most people will allow their bodies to decay through poor diet and lack of exercise, condemning themselves to an early grave or debilitating and costly illness. I say, let them. As for Nancy Pelosi; it should come as no surprise that she uses her Catholic faith as a facade to mask her advocacy for misanthropic ventures everywhere. She is truly an evil and vile crone.

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First comes the insult(he meant it)then the apology(if that's what he calls it)and all is forgiven(he doesn't care).

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Dialing in the 'Anti-Obamabot' ray as we speak.

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With a odious turd as the voice for the Lorax character, Danny DeVito is the perfect shill for the progressives' green message.

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Everyone is still missing the point; it's about the Obamacare mandate and the ultimate move to single-payer health care. Think Europe.

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Hey, if you haven't been deleted at least a dozen times on this site you're not trying hard enough.

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Hmm. Another man-hater who'll arm herself with the law to force men to like her...or at least give her and her friends free contraceptives.

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Hey, Bill likes porn stars. They're sluts, right? And a million dollars to the coronation of Premier Ogandhela, hey, fuggeddeboutit!