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Aww... Liz Cheney would have a much better understanding of what constitutes torture and war crimes if she hadn't been raised by a Sith Lord.

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Obviously written languages are just thinly disguised ploys for releasing data that causes a variety of national interests to be self-embarrassed.

Governments will NOT BE SAFE until all citizens' abilities to read and write are under the strictest possible control.

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“counts all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants"

In that drones lack magical gender testing ability and military-age has been shown to cover everything from very young to very old, a better catch all phrase would be he "counts all bipedal hominids in a strike zone as combatants".

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Bummer. On one hand I despised much of the work he did. On the other, I reckoned if he'd ever gained wisdom to match his passion, that would have been very interesting.

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Will @BarackObama support @RonPaul's HR 3785 to repeal #NDAA Section 1021 (Indefinite detention without trial)?

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Everyone has copyrighted material. In the US, every thought or expression has copyright from the moment it's recorded in any medium until 95 years after the death of the artist/content creator, which is more than ridiculous but does cut down on the amount of Micky Mouse porn running loose in the world.

The MPAA and RIAA, content distribution collectives, driving forces behind these efforts, have the same attitude toward the Internet as buggy makers had toward the internal combustion engine. They don't understand it and it scares the hell out of them. They would be far more comfortable if they could casually disappear any website they found particularly scary by removing the DNS entry for the domain hosting the alleged infringing content.

Not to suggest that movie and music makers shouldn't be paid for their work, but some multi-billion dollar corporations are under the crazy notion that every piece of shared content means a lost sale. This is the assumption that drives their loss estimates, their "damages". This is the lie they've been telling their shareholders. All we have to do to let them prove themselves wrong is take down the Internet and replace it with Cable TV over IP.

A good chunk of the software industry, who ought to know better, is quietly in favor of SOPA and PIPA, confident of their ability to not become targets of this giant enforcement gun, blinded by illusory lost sales.

What greases this slippery slope is Everything is Copyrighted. For a tangential but valid example, just ask the Church of Scientology.

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Does this mean Andrew Bretibart will be retroactively scolding Eric Cantor for holding short positions on America during the Debt Ceiling Debate/Debacle?

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Sheep should wait in the back yard until it's feeding time for the tigers.

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I knew Andrew Breitbart could have a rational opinion, if the matter was close enough to (his) home.

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Newsflash: Andrew Breitbart encourages class warfare.