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And easy to pickpocket.

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Valentines day! Time to complain about being single!

(Does anyone remember me? I haven't been on for ever)

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I'm seeing two possibilities with this. If this is even real, it can't be too hard to fake something like this.
1) Hasbro is trying to appeal to a high school audience to widen its fan base even more. Not only will it have brony support, it will also gain support from high schoolers and middle schoolers, as humans entirely new social situations could occur giving the writing staff a bit more freedom and making it easy to relate to the pon- errrr humans better.
2) 6 young girls, in a high school, big sparkly eyes. Equestria girls= anime.
The best we can do is hope for the best, and if it's not any good we just don't watch it.

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I remember the Dreamfast... Uhhh it had games like Sonic, I wasn't a Nintendo kid at all. Saga all the way!

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It's kinda funny most sixty year olds that I know think video games are stupid yet he's making them!

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Walmart at least put the right ponies on the soap.

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Yeah, they're real block heads.

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Hey uhh. Tell me your password so I can keep your account safe, it's not like I'll defile it or make you seem like a jerk or anything.

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Those women are pretty curvy for being so... square.

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There is only one ghost which is glitchy as HELL, and instead of waka waka Pacman makes a Brrr Brrr Brrr, sound instead. It's quite annoying.