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Happy 1st birthday, test.

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Hey, I'm not sure if anyone is left here, but something just came up that reminded me, and I figured I'd share with whoever's left.

A bit ago, I got a letter from my past self. It was some dumb throwaway project that I did in my english class where I'd write myself a letter with questions and they'd send it to me when I graduated.
One of those questions "is HALOLZ dead?"
Just then, all sorts of memories flooded back, all the dumb comments, all the awesome posts as well as the Tibbers grade posts, the TF2 server, they were all a big part of my life while they were still around.
I just wanna let you guys know that all of you are important to me. Alpar, Vabolo, Dr. Furry, Stalin, Waldo, and the countless others of you who will and will not stumble across this message, all of you guys are great.
'cept for you tom tmo. You suck.

It's becoming clearer and clearer that this site will never leave the ground again, but that's okay. It was awesome while it lasted and that's what counts. It's important that we never forget how important this site was to us who treasured it so.
I'll never forget what this site was: it was awesome.
Thank you Shawn Handyside and Trunks.


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We'll be like one of those ancient cities who just decides who the king should be because he's cool.

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Where's Spinal when you need him...

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I squeezed in my last e-peen so I'm at 100p.
I can leave in peace.
If this is the end, then it has been a pleasure.

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Heck, I'll take weekly-biweekly halolz over no halolz.

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"I have to go. My Island needs me."


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Oh shoot, oh gosh oh man. I just reached 100p. YES!
If only there were more people to share this accomplishment. Nonetheless, I MADE IT! AFTER YEARS OF STRUGGLING I HAVE MADE IT!
I know a lot of people who knows how this is properly done have left halolz a long time ago, but what should I do to celebrate? Do I get a monacle and top hat still?

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It has all the strategy and build up of RTS mixed with the skill and reflex testing action of fighting games with a touch of MMORPG farming elements mixed in. Not to mention the multiplayer is fabulous if you have a good team.
'Tis truly a beauty to behold if you have enough time to sink into it and a thick enough skin to withstand the early challenges and the community.