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I know this is old hat but surely Derbyshire Police force are aware of the organisation within their institution that uses "racism" when it only allows "BLACK" police officers to join. If they are so concerned at the use of the word "Black" maybe they should arrest any member of the Black Police Officers Association and cofiscate any literature that promotes such organisation as offensive.

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News on the grapevine is Birmingham, Leeds, Rochdale and Oldham also starting to burn tonight. This from nationalists who live in those areas. I do not know if the MSM are reporting these because I refuse to have lucifers dreambox in the house.

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Like Mr Powell rightly prophesised "The Black Man will have the whip hand". The media too afraid of being politicaly incorrect dare not mention the "B" word. Theresa Mays solution? threaten them with cancelling their drug/crime fest, that worked didn't it?

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One would assume Moli that you would cringe and sweam "Wacist" at the mere mention of the rivers of blood speech that Enoch Powell made all those years ago. Enoch Powell prophesised that this would be happening. Earlier this year the BBC "celebrated" the Brixton riots of 1981, they painted with the rosy colours of muliticulturalism calling them a "cultural uprising". The long and short of it is this, those riots cost British taxpayers millions of pounds to repair and rebuild the damage caused, on top of that millions (if not BILLIONS) have been spent since on forcing diversity and cohesion upon decent law abiding British people. Either those billions were wasted or it has come to the point that billions is no longer sufficient enough of a bribe to cover the extra immigrants that come and demand money for nothing so they take what they want and will demand more from the Liberal Do Gooders who will obviously blame everyone except for the rioters. When they come through YOUR front door let's see how quickly they stop and walk away when you explain that you support them.

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90 million to the horn of Africa that has encountered more droughts since day one than the stars in the skies. Give them 90 million and it will be 180 million next time with the way they breed. Liberals sure had a plan of stealin our money for self gratification purposes.
Take control from the self serving bastards who said the English were too lazy to work and imported lazy bastards to do it.

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Think I will print a few leaflets of that inform people about this, stand next to Big Issue scammer and hand them out to anyone who approaches them ready to buy a copy.

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This does not surprise me in the least Guy. This article
gives a good insight into why Ca Moron is hell bent on assassinating Gadaffi and taking control of a puppet government in Libya. I love the way Gaddafi told Sarkozy to f**k off and that he would not see his land and people ruled by Brussels, if only people could see that Ca Moron loves being ruled by Brussels contrary to his lies and rhetoric about "robustly" (one of Mr Plastic Fantastics favourite buzzwords) against rule from the EU.

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Have just downloaded Defeating Eurabia, thanks for this new area of the site. I will post this link, I learned a lot from reading this book I also hope it enlightens a few people.

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“They only come to the mosque, not to the churches and this is discrimination"
Maybe that is down to the fact that mosques are replacing churches, aided and abbetted by cultural marxist dhimmi clergy who cannot bend over far enough backwards to appologise for the imaginary imperialist oppression that muslims use to stifle any opposition. Brennan is a typical inoctrinated PC idiot, cries foul when anyone opposes his marxist views, but still hasn't got the balls to fully criticise Islam, notice how he stick up for the majority of muslims, how does he know their views?

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I was privileged to listen to Marlene Guest speak on this very matter at Salford BNP meeting, she explained that through a freedom of information request to Rotherham PCT (Primary Care Trust) and Rotherham Council that they admitted that they had imported 80 plus African Immigrants that they knew were carrying TB.
Apparrantly the program of importing disease ridden Africans was part funded by the EU to the tune of 4 grand per person. Basically the EU and treasonous politicians are importing weapons to ethnically cleanse the indiginous people of these isles, there is no other rational explanation.