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This will be yet another nail in the coffin of the "one-party-three-names" cartel
that currently blight our political landscape and ignore the will of the British people.
Bring on the General Election!

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The problem is that our treasonous Establishment refuse to accept that we could possibly be 'indigenous' peoples. That is how they circumvent this Declaration.

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I have found it slow this evening too ngu. This is normal at times of heavy interest in our Party (or should I say even more heavy interest than normal).

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I have received a number of similar replies from the PCC, stating that as the party did not wish to pursue the complaint they would be taking no further action.
I have twice written back to them stating that, regardless of the party's stance, I - as a private individual - would like the matter pursued, but have not even received the courtesy of an acknowledgement.

Is it the case that when complaining about matters political the party itself has to be involved in the complaint? I was under the impression that anyone can complain to the PCC and have their voice heard.

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'ridiculous poltroons'. Must remember that!

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£12 million pales into insignificance when compared to the billions that are spent on minority interest groups and foreign aid. And it's not even being spent properly to enhance the lives of those long neglected indigenous peoples of this country anyway. How far will twelve million pounds go towards bribing our support base? Nowhere!

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It is interesting that both the liberal BBC and the Conservatives have chosen ethnic immigrants to represent them at this edition of Question Time. Their motives are obvious - to try and embarrass Nick Griffin - but I strongly suspect that many indigenous Britons are utterly sick and tired of having immigrants speaking for them and supposedly representing them. This is a strange policy decision which may well backfire spectacularly - once again - on them. They may have fared better having white, indigenous spokespersons opposing the BNP's views - but then they probably couldn't find any.

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I've always been puzzled by the 'burning doll' story. I was working security at the RWB and two things especially don't ring true:
1. We were alerted by offended members to someone going around stirring up trouble and making up inflammatory things - a male was eventually detained - could it be this 'journalist'
2. There was a camp fire ban in effect as the landowner did not want fires in his field. So how did this roaring fire escape our notice while the alleged doll was allegedly brutalised?
Very suspicious, if you ask me.

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As Nazeem so eloquently put it above in his pidgin English, these UAF idiots don't realise that the muslims don't want them - they hate them too!