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Just ordered mine,reading that post,made me realise how little of history i know.As Mr Churchill said"The further you look into the past,the further you can see in the future".

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Wolfblood,is there a reason why the first link wont work?

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That is getting too obvious to everyone,its getting almost funny.On a serious note though,the only way to fight this-is through the courts.Its the only thing they understand(money).No point getting angry with them-hit them where it hurts-in the wallet.
To what i here,they would struggle to fund an election ATM,funds are drying up.Ask yourself,would you keep donating to a party and money keeps getting paid out in court cases?Pointless ones.
I would gladly donate money into a fund to fight these kind of cases,because of the total injustice of what they keep doing.After they have lost a few and paid out money,they will start to think twice(money seems to be god to people).If its not done this way i think it will just increase these attacks on the party.
Can we have a fund for this?
What do you think?

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I for one have no problem with travel expense's and accomadation(prefrebly a hotel)being claimed but like you list-some of the things are beyond contempt that the"serving there self of the public"have claimed!
Everyone of them who have paid money back,should be sacked and prosecuted,just the same as anyone else would be in any other position.
Goes to show there contempt for the electorate.
Well done Mr Darby,keep your standards high,lead from the front,GOOD ON YER!
PS dont think the mirror will print the true figures.

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That seems about perfect to me,says enough-not too much to bore people(like most political broadcasts)and i think the response could prove overwhelming from the normal guy in the street-who wants to hear things from the horse's mouth so to speak.
Well done on a very proffesional piece.

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Then to make it all alright,they say"its not our fault,its the systems".Double standards hey?

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Maybe that shows how much the ordinary people of this country,think of this government,after being in power for as long as they have,its clear to everyone-that its just lies and spin they come out with.
Seems,that when they get in power,they start looking up to bankers and all the people with money,get starie eyed wanting to be a big shot like them and forget the ordinary man who got them there in the first place.
A man can put up with a lot-but hypocracy-that will bring the curtain down-and is!
Thats probably the reason why fewer and fewer british people visit there site(fed up with lies and spin)and a growing number of pakistanies visit instead.Makes you wonder who they are really working for?
On a lighter note,heard Mr Griffen on talk radio this morning(909 mw).It amazed me he was allowed on,but it was a breath of fresh air,someone speaking honest,straight forward and to the point.

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Now that the american radio host is going to sue the home secetary,why should the public purse pay the damages?Should she not pay it herself?

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Got to say,hat off to you.__Thats what we need from the politicians.

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Got to say that this article is right on the money,all the polish(and others)who fought on ourside(as well as there's)were prepared for the ultimate sacrifice! So for me,as it's written"Greater love hath no man than this,that a man lay down his life for his friends."JOHN 15:13.Rings truer than ever,but like you say"Poland would be upset if a million vietnamese came to there country,working for a bowl of rice a day and took a million jobs from polish people".This they know and accept,more than(i think)the people who are forcing this mass immagration on us! My problem is not with any man's race(though God did set boundries),the problem is foreign gods! If we would only read and remember and make law one thing-that being,EX 20:3.this country would take a massive step towards sorting this mess out. Fine words Mr Griffin,your turning out to be the most honest politician i am coming across as well.