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We here in Alaska felt just a little ignored when our elected Governor exited stage left only halfway through her term. The major percentage of us were happy to be ignored, but there were those butthurt few that felt abandoned.

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Okay buddy, that level of criticism is going to result in a visit from a white, stretch, Hummer limo, full of drunk Palins fightin' on behalf of the mother's honor! Fisticuffs good sir! Also too, do you have a bathroom we can use?

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It's also tie-dyed. It's a complete 180 from the lesson that she taught us on her Amazing America promo, that tie-die and peasant skirts will not get you picked up on the side of the road by a phantom muscle car driver. So what gives.

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Anyone else think that Todd Starnes and Marcus Bachman might celebrate a little "private xmas together"?

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Congratulations! Believe me, finding love in the northland, with a tall man who is smart and geeky makes all the cold and snow worth it! (okay, I lie, not really but take him to the warm lands every so often and then it makes it worth it...) You look so lovely and I wish you both much happiness or at least contentment, because what is really better than just contentment. Thank you for sharing your day even with us that are dedicated readers but casual commenters, even though you don't allow comments.

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This is her response to KimK's butt in a garbage bag photo?

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Best part about camo dress was she called it her "thong dress" when in reality it was a "sarong" dress. Diction is hard when you have beer all over your face.

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Late to the party, but Congratulations! Nothing says love like moving from LA to Montana!

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But they ARE role models who cover the following niches:
Abstinent Mommies, Grandmas Pretending to be Mommies, Men who race Snow-Scooters, Pugilistic Vets, oh, and Willow who does hair.