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Excellent. In many, many conversations with liberals I have found that it is this overt big-government push when social conservatives are in charge that drives them in droves away from many fiscal realities and policies that they could accept and would help restore our nation.

Social conservatives must bend for a time. As much as I respect many of their ideals and life choices the fact is that they, just like the socialists of the left, destroy they ability to compromise because the very foundation of their ideologies is good vs. evil, rather than bad vs. better. I know that there are some fantastic people here that may rankle at the idea, but we must first have a Republic. We must first put out the fires in our house before we redecorate.

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"Honestly, I don't know why this guy stepped down"

Helps if you know the lay of the land. Center Valley represents some very serious money in the Lehigh Valley.

When this story broke my first thought was "this union guy has no idea who he's taking on." Very very few of the people who run Allentown actually live in it. You can tell if you visit it. My old neighborhood is practically a free-fire zone.

The city is so dysfunctional that the worst un-hanged scoundrels are the POLICE department's union reps. I'm not kidding. They've got guys taking retirement ten years early for 90,000 plus bennies.

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(I lived in Russia for ten years and can tell you a few things about communism and totalitarianism)..."

My family moved to America from the former USSR in it's early days and in those days it was all about Hope for the future and a Change from the tyranny of the Czars. We all know what it became. The leftists in America labor under far more difficult constraints than did the Bolsheviks, but do not doubt for a moment that, at the core, they drive for the same lethal levels of state control. It's written all over them. If anything, given the world's demonstrably tragic history with socialist totalitarianism the rhetoric should be LOUDER or we have learned NOTHING from those 100 million corpses.

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"Simple math - period! "

Math is hard. Liberals take humanities.

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Physicians do NOT wear their labcoats outside of the hospital or office

+a million

I was married to a doctor and spent countless hours around them, and when I saw that picture I just thought "HOLY SH!T I'm living in the new soviet union."

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A very.. leftist definition of shameless there, Dwight. Shameless as in "how dare they expose the natural criminal outgrowth of the abdication of personal responsibility that we are championing for our own, oops, for the greater good."


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Busy turning on their paper shredders?

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Some available here atm:

The portion that was on Hannity tonight.

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I certainly over-simplified. I think the point of these tapes, ultimately, is that our system has become terribly corrupt. The FBI is still a federal bureaucracy, and politics this heavy get kicked upstairs in a real hurry. I disparage not the FBI, but the Justice Department leadership who would be using the information (and controlling it) that the FBI would uncover. In light of some egregious examples recently such as Richardson and the New Black Panthers, I would have been, in the filmmakers' case, highly skeptical that my smoking gun would ever be read into evidence.

As to why they waited, well, Breitbart is no dummy, and I'm sure he wanted his ducks in a row for the launching of this campaign and web site, and to make sure they were bullet-proof going forward.

The public backlash that these films are creating should allow for an investigation, but one that will be impossible to keep quiet. I think of it as the same result reached from another direction.