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Boris is right.

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Where are you going and will you return ?

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The last election gave the Corbyn dinosaur a recycled last puff of life
he really is enjoying the battles. I do find it somewhat odd that
his middle class elitist student momentum followers find Corbyn
fresh and new. In reality he was asleep on those back benches for years.

Corbyn is also a full blown hard Left politician and his dislike of Israel
is part of that, he'll never apologise for what he believes to be right
when it is part of his Marxist ideological thought process
even when everyone else believes his thought process to be
utterly wrong.

Sadly Corbyn has a habit of bouncing back, in fact he likes a fight,
Unfortunately the Brexit debacle and the government handling
of Brexit just plays into his hands. Whoever was going to be
responsible for the handling of Brexit has to get it right or they
will suffer.

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Yes he most certainly has dug himself into a hole.

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Lost control of their monster have they.

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No I think home economics was deemed old fashioned and sexist at some point.
I believe they have a similar subject but not the same, with 'science ' in it's name.

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I love your way with words C, and I totally agree with the sentiments.

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I didn't vote for Brexit.

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Yes RJW, you are quite correct. Utter contempt for the family unit, preferring people
to farm out children. What amuses me is that governments rattle on about
unhealthy eating and childhood obesity- we'll if parents were able to afford to bring up
their own children maybe there might be a return to home cooking instead of
nasty convenience meals.