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Gove has guaranteed the exact same structure of payments, these payments don't go to farmers as is portrayed, they go to land owners. The UK has the largest proportion of qualifying land owned by the landed gentry and ogligarchs. The queen receives millions of pounds in CAP payments yearly and yet I still haven't seen any litres of corgi milk on the shelves.

These are our taxes redirected to the richest and real farmers getting a tiny amount for being the face of the scheme.
Subsidising industries isn't good anyway, NZ removed all of it's subsidies and protections for agriculture and other countries fear doing trade deals with them because they are so competitive since.

The competition breeds new farming methods, productivity growth and streamlining practices. Protectionism and subsidies mean farmers are ticking boxes rather than maximising production.
There are excessive regulations too that are unrelated to quality that can be shed, these are designed to keep the multinationals like Nestle free from competition, they are designed that way because only the big multinationals have lobbying power in the EU...they make the rules to suit themselves.

I'd like to see a removal of VAT on healthy, home grown produce rather than subsidies personally.

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JRM got 4 out of 4 amendments through, Grieve got 1 out of 1000 for a meaningful vote that isn't meaningful as a no vote means WTO.

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I'm sure he won't be missed, Jeremy Hunt has started brilliantly by walking out of a press conference refusing to answer a simple question from the Australian press about a future UK/Aus trade deal.

Hunt has the personality to sell the UK on the global stage...*sorry I meant "sell-out"*

Boris's in depth knowledge of history and global affairs aren't needed what we need are Hunt's in depth knowledge of ties, project fear and Theresa May soundbites.

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Yeah, that's why the Guardian, Canary, Mirror and other Labour rags all post smear campaigns against JRM daily...because they could beat him 😂
Corbyn can't even beat May in debate, JRM would destroy him on every subject without getting out of 1st gear.

Mogg is premier league, Corbychov and Maybot are non league.

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Hosted the first UK-Morocco strategic dialogue and signed an agreement for British schools to open there

Got through legislation changing the laws so that chemical weapons investigators can now name people responsible for attacks, previsously Assad had been found to be responsible 4 times but Russia had blocked their naming.
(Boris championed this and personally lobbied 25 countries)

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Worked very closely with the Ukraine government and foreign office to bring about a whole host of reforms and guide their rebuilding process...their foreign minister was very concerned about the future of the process without Boris's input.

He was the quickest and fiercest condemner of the Putin following the novichok attack on the Skripals, actually having the courage to say what we all knew, that nothing like that happens without Putin's okay...he has also been steadfast in highlighting and fighting their cyber interferences.

He worked tirelessly, particularly in Eastern Europe to keep relationships strong and reassure other countries of our continued security umbrella of protection.

He was the first foreign secretary to visit Argentina since the Falklands and work on rebuilding relationships there, he attended wreath laying ceremonies for soldiers from both sides.

First foreign secretary in 50 years to visit Peru, signed a treaty on the Mutual Recognition of Qualifications, facilitating greater exchange of people and opportunities for students from both the UK and Peru. invited Peru to become a partner at the London 2018 Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference to tackle their problems with illegal poaching.
Launched a UK-funded solar energy project that is providing energy for a school and its 140 pupils using British lithium battery technology.

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Javid is the establishment candidate, they tried pushing everyone before they got to him Hammond, Rudd, Hunt, Gove...he hasn't got the level of intelligence of JRM or Johnson...the civil service would run him not the other way around.

Boris is certainly no fool and he did brilliant things as foreign secretary and very little wrong. I think foreign secretary with a lot more powers repatriated to him would be the perfect role...he could do great things there

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At the time we have just hit record food and drink exports, it's so ridiculous.
Coffee comes from Africa but the EU only allow it tariff free in raw form so Germany makes more from packaging coffee than Africs makes from producing it.
If we removed the Common external tariff then we could get the finished product straight from the supplier for cheaper and save shipping pollution...of course Nestle the most subsidised from the CAP con too.

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No doubt that was her game plan and Gove has been on board with it but she miscalculated and the ERG have played a blinder, May assumed that the ERG would have to try and take her down and fail but JRM and Baker are much smarter than the average bear...they have given Chequers enough rope to hang itself and made the undemocratic dozen of Morgan and Soubry the ones trying to kill the deal.

Any movement from May to soften brexit reunites the brexiteer wing stronger and in larger numbers than ever...and she has to make huge concessions and come clean on others like freedom of movement, payments, fishing rights etc...

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You underestimate how popular JRM has become with the electorate, Boris would lose to Javid in the members votes whereas Mogg would beat Javid, that is why JRM was excluded from the head to heads...he was included when Yougov ran the same and he won 8 out of 8 including beating Ruth Davidson!

I like Boris but we're a meritocracy traditionally and JRM is the best, the appeal of somebody that has no spin to them will be trebled after the May disaster and I do have doubts with Boris that he would try to appeal to everyone, be protectionist about his job, promoting based on loyalty and keeping the talents who are leadership challenges away...we have had all of that.