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says the stalagmite hiding in the cave. LOL.

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Oh, well that's just nice.
What a .....forget it. You all know what she is.

So this is what it is going to be. If you challenge those in power, they will label you a Nazi.
So in their eyes, people who want less government control are called Nazis. This disappoints me more than the actual Bill.

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you forgot the mosquito. Blasted things....

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can you give me the line or lines, or simply just the passages and I will read it again, but I do not recall the Bible saying "6000 years ago, God created the heavens and the earth." And there are no specific dates. Jesus we know was around 2000 years ago because, because the Bible notes certain people from that time, and also secular records from that time note his existence.

Please avoid using the term "fool" to describe people who do not believe yet (one day they will, whether too late or not), pity them, as I do, but calling non-believers fools only pushes them further back, and that is not the task the Father has given us.

BTW I said the earth is well over 6000 years old, not the people living on it. My theory is that the Bible concerns only God's relationship with man, not what came before us. And who were those people that Cain went to dwell with? They were not of Adam, and the Bible said nothing of their creation. My point here is they were not mentioned earlier because there was not point in doing so. The Bible concerns itself with God's relationship with man, it gives a brief account of creation, and then goes directly to Adam. Much happened in between, but as that is not important in terms of the relationship, it is not accounted for.

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yeeaaahh....too bad your statement was not.


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The Bible does not say the earth is 6000 years old. In fact, there is no divinely inspired text in the Christian faith that proclaims the earth to be any particular age at all to my knowledge. Only recently, like within the last 100 years, has this number popped up. No Christian I know believes it, either. But it is such a ridiculous claim that prejudicial and bigoted people who are clearly ignorant of certain faiths use it to scoff at others and ridicule them.
They say things like:
"Look at those idiots! They believe the earth is 6000 years old!! *chuckle*"

Uh...no we don't. There may be some, like there are some Muslims who want to cut off your head if you are an infadel or simply not Muslim enough, but wise people do not allow a minority to define any group of people. Please don't be "that guy" that the unwise cling to to define us.
For the most part, we believe time is a relative thing.

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LOL. Is it not funny that much of the far left and progressive politicians and media types look down upon and proclaim conservative thinkers as being stupid, inferior, and moronic? Yet, according to them, there is always a "right-wing conspiracy" or conservative person tricking and/or misleading these progressive "superior-thinkers".

Progressive logic it seems is a bit of a intellectual paradox.

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Sorry, Nancy; that is not going to cut it. You led the movement to hang all the people who prevented another terrorist attack on these United States and publicity trashed the CIA for using tactics that you, yourself knew about but said nothing until now. You damn well better explain yourself on this sniveling and disgraceful campaign of yours. I demand you hold yourself accountable before going after the people who both risk their lives, and now because of the likes of you, their freedom to keep us safe.

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Oh no! The headline on Drudge just said "Napolitano" I could not even conceive that it meant Janet, I was thinking Andrew Napolitano, and was surprised, and content while thinking "Ah, Okay, Obama may not be so crazy after all."

But now, good Lord! Ugh...

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I loved that one, too!