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Haha that was great!!! Needed a smile amid the madness.

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I really am tired of this nightmare. It seems it has gone on forever.. Seems so real, I am however ready to wake up!

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To not have a type A personality is now a bad thing? Poor child.

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They cut their own nose off- To spite the face.. I pity those that voted yes....

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HaHa "hocus-pocus mumbo jumbo derived from fundamentalist holy scriptures." Then you Thank GOD?? Sorry but you can not have it both ways. And many atheists and agnostics know murdering innocent babies is wrong..

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Why is anyone still defending global alarmists?
OH YES! I forgot. Facts confuse them!

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I did not come to CSM expecting to see this farce.


Dear God save us from them. They do however know what they are perpetrating on society. But the followers do not. They just keep drinking the Kool-Aid.
I sure did not expect it from CSM though.

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....Saturday night to expand coverage to tens of millions--- Who wrote this drivel the CBO said it would leave 10's of millions 'uncovered' not covered..
Oh heck we will all be in jail and covered by the states there anyway !! So maybe the writer was a little bit correct..

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danonMaui I have to agree with you.
Why is everyone so hateful in this?
I don't really think races should intermarry but there is no need to be so nasty about it.
Anyone that has seen my post knows I am an extreme conservative yet the hate on this particular page is embarrassing.
Maybe the headline brought those in that do not normally post.

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Our teachers are already getting the 'Volunteer' information. It does not include the volunteer projects our church does. It only includes approved projects if your child wants credit.
I thank GOD for this small town and small school with Christian teachers. None that were blinded by his light past February. So many are now disgusted that they voted for him.