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She is just rewriting our history for us, you know, like they rewrote the 1960s. According to all history now viewed or read on the 1960s, you'd think hippies were everywhere, sit-ins and mayhem on every campus and every city had riots and every citizen was experiencing the 'change'. Pffft.

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I also thought Islam when I read the name, but the name could also be East Indian and this may not have anything to do with Islam. I really do not know for sure so far.

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It has never been protocol for an American President to bow to any king or any other would leader. It has been that way since our founding - Freedom bows to nothing and no one. To bow is show subservience. Obama may feel the need to bow, but to put the People that he serves in that position, TWICE, is unforgivable. Where did her learn American history?

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Another AP story with more redirection than reporting. This man spoke with journalists at a news conference, yet this report is shallow on what he said and what questions were asked. The only reference to the tyranny of Russia, is a lame statement that Russia is weak on the rule of law. After reading this, I still know very little about the Russian govt. but I am left with the impression that the police are to blame, not the government. Are these video posters for real or just a show for the masses to make the government look good in the eyes of the people? This report does not even say is the question was asked at a news conference. The "Rule of Law" seems to be one of the pillars of the Religion of Liberalism. It sounds good, like Democracy, but our "laws" are made upon the whims of men seeking power over The People, with no regard any longer for Liberty or the Constitution. I am only on my first cup of coffee, and may be wrong..I would like to hear from others here on the reporting in this article.

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The "reporting" of AP always leaves me growling. AP does not investigate and report facts as "news", AP presents its philosophy to the people to influence the national "thought". Notice the mention of the searches on the web for Obama in China, but then lacks any mention of government control and censorship of what can be searched and what can be accessed. All done with Google's compliance. Do you really think that can't happen here? Maybe that is why so many, like AP, do not connect the obvious dots.

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Christians may write you angry letters, Islam scopes out you and your family (MOB lessons) and lets you know they can and will execute you if you do not toe the Islamic line.

If you disagree, then please explain for me the global fear of Islam.

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It is the politicians, performing for the PC media, that think it is a good idea to "n general continue to reach out to every group" over and above the security of the People they were elected to serve.

As Mayor, as Congressperson, as Senator and as President, you job is to serve and protect The People. How does reaching out blindly to Islam serve and protect The People?

The problem with politicians is, they are politicians first, citizens last. The People bear the brunt of their stupid decisions.

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When government speaks, a lie is being told. No crime here, Jerry? But you need to expend money your state does not have to investigate two people that did the reporting on ACORN that the media and you would not do?

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With all due respect, HarGru, your ignorance on the history is typical of one that has received, and relied upon, a modern liberal education. There is so much you know that is just not true.

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We can read the writing on the wall regarding Obama's anti-American policies. The question remains: Which side is the American media on?