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? So he assumed the poopy position, but they said he did not poo and there did not seem to be any dookie on the sidewalk...?

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That nose wiping and weird speech impediment were freaking me out as much as his push-me-pull-you analysis of being both in favor of and against violence. Quadaffi was soddomized with some kindof object, I guess that kind of violence was NOT okay to him, but everything that got us there was... I still can't figure out what the U.S. government was doing there. So I guess we're even.

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Let's be clear: Obama is a puppet put in place by the same people who put George Bush in the WhiteHouse; no one needs a job because eveything including technology comes from the earth and is free; Jewish wives are on welfare. Does Jon Stewart cover this story? Oh, snap! He's Jewish and therefore his wife is on I get it!

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It depends on how he said it, if it was funny or not. Homosexuals have an unusual tendency to accept offensive terminology from their own side, but not about their side. "Queer" is the new work for "gay". Ten years ago, if you had used "queer" (which does not mean Homosexual, but means "odd" or "strange") you would have been in trouble for that. And what member of the male homosexual class of persons has not used the expression "fag hag" to label a woman who hangs out with gay men socially. Overall, though it seems like Hollywood getting hoisted by its own petard.

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He did kill Jackson, you ARE a tard, and half or more of the people there are not from California.

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Poor Nancy...she's such a cartoon. Someone asks her a question with any kind of heat on it and she stammers like Woody Allen, while the little black disks of her eyes roll around like gumballs in a Mason jar. She's a pocket-lining, discount-taking, cake-eating, wealthy Democrat with a Mag 7 ego and a warp factor 10 sense of entitlement. If the guillotines rolled heads today as they once did in France, she's my number-one vote to make that blade sing.

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I usually cannot stand the cops. They don't respect the law themselves, but selectively enforce it when it suits them. But shoving over that bike was assault on a police officer and I believe he was resisting arrest and will be charged with that also. These officers, however, are NOT trained for crowd control and had a very sloppy look running all over the pace and not getting into formation the second they were surrounded on all sides by hostiles. good way to shoot your partner or be taken apart by a mob. I want to buy that motorcycle cop a beer, though. All that gear on and running after that little Commie puke. Good collar.

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The UK definitions of conservative and liberal don't match the U.S. precisely. But just think of all the people who call themselves Republican that keep voting for bigger government, open borders, and more taxes and you'll get the hang of it.

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I prefer to decipher this version than the one in French. Besides, it doesn't take much grammar to understand that if Europeans fail, they take a lot of America with it and give opportunity for bad actors to take advantage of the financial weakness.

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"When your neighbour's house is on fire, your first impulse should be to help him put out the flames. ... This is not the time to argue about walking away."

When your neighbor chooses to cook meth in his kitchen and this is the third time his house has caught fire, I am HOPING his house will burn down.