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He means to stay home after the election because of riots.

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Don't forget the dead!!! They ALWAYS turn out to vote.

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In that sense!

I didn't realize that people could be an election.....God she's dumb.

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My god, I have to agree with you she IS an idiot. In my opinion, she is overrated and looks very average when you chisel all of that makeup off. It drives me crazy when someone so young and sheltered acts like they know it all.

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Obama drool-aid at it's best. It does not matter who the GOP nominates anymore because nothing could be worse than Obama.

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Very informative article. I had forgotten about some of these things. I am amazed that ANYONE watches his show.

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Kerry, I read your post with a lump in my throat. It really hit home for me because my father was also a WWll vet. We lost him to cancer in 2007. I have found that one of the most meaningful and therapeutic ways to honor him and deal with his death was to start a family tree. While doing mine I found a picture of the Patrol Craft Escort that my father served aboard, but rarely talked about. Although the picture is somewhat blurry, I think that I recognize my father by the way that he was standing along the rail. That picture is now the home screen on my cellphone. It reminds me everyday of how privileged I was to have a man like this raise me.

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Many of the best comedians from years past would never make it today. With the PC environment now their acts would surely offend someone. People have lost the ability to laugh at themselves. Incredibly sad if you ask me.