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Of course Hollywood loves me! They gave me Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock together in one movie, and DAMMIT, I'm going to love that movie...I know I will. The trailer tells me I will 87 times a day. They love me, they really love me.

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Worst debate ever? No. This will go down as the most BORING debate ever, but the Sawyer/Stephanopolous ABC disaster has to go down as the worst. Debate. Ever. Hands down.

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I hate to sound like a broken record but it needs to be said: imagine if the Bush's had done something like this with the current unemployment rate? That Marie Antoinette/Michelle Obama cartoon was dead on if you ask me. The Obamas don't really care about the country. They view the WH and our tax dollars as their own personal playground. They live off the money of others who could only fantasize about 6 Hawaiian vacations a year. They live like the of the poor. Sorry, who has contempt for the poor again?

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"One of the few genres us Jesus freaks are still able to enjoy is the horror genre, especially as it relates to — say it with me — SATAN!" Hahaha...yes, this Jesus freak still enjoys a good horror film. I have a Christian friend who makes horror films. When asked how he could square that with his faith he answered "Who better to make a film about evil than Christians? Who understands evil better than those who are familiar with the Author of all things?" Amen.

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Further proof that racism has officially jumped the shark. Sad, because those of us who have experience real, true racism know the pain of that evil...playing the race card like this diminishes the true horror of genuine racism and I find that to be...well...RACIST!

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Disgusting, ignorant, pathetic...I can't come up with enough words to describe this piece or the ignoramuses at Jezebel.

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Thanks for this! Voting now!

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Toy Soldiers is still my favorite action movie! I watch it every time it comes on tv. LOVE that movie.

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Great letter. Perhaps we should all be gently challenging (inviting) the nay-sayers to tea party events more often. Obviously the people who demean them have never been to one. I'm not saying it will change minds, but it may soften the rhetoric a bit.

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Howard is no conservative, and he's also a little strange. I have friends that have worked with him. He is an odd guy, to say the least. Google Terence Howard and babywipes for an example of his oddness. He also has a reputation for being difficult to work with, which I attribute to his "odd" nature and an inflated sense of self. But BH was right to defend him in this case.