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Why would a person who despises God say "Thank God" at the sudden, untimely death of someone who was defending God and Christianity. How can you fashion such a thought without having your mind implode?

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My God, I was at this web site and hour ago, and nothing. I see this news on an other website and I thought it was a prank. This is dreadful

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Meanwhile, back in DC, Obama actually did jab Benjamin Netanhayu, PM of one of our closet allies, in the chest and invaded his personal space but .... nothing to see here. But see it anyway

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Unfortunatetly, that particular song was greatly underappreciated as a result of the Monkees starting out as a comedy act. That was an alltime great song.

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Just a couple of questions about this situation, which hopefully, will expose the bigger picture I'm going to assume that Mark Martin doesn't have a law degree

In which case -- How many white male veterans of Iraq converted to Islam? How many white male veterans of Iraq without law degrees are currently serving a judges in an American court? Your honor, I move to dismiss this latest hallucination of the loony right wing blogosphere. OIbviously, nothing to see here. (Sarc off)

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"Pacifists won't be nearly as impressed" Well whoop de freaking do!

By the way, since when does a war film need to impress pacifists ... who wouldn't go to see this movie unless a gun was held to their head? What a vacuous statement

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Why in the worls did they burn these Qurans in a public place? Why didn't they just drop them in the middle of the Arabian Sea and give Osama bin Laden something to read.

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Of course, if we actually did that, we really WOULD have an energy crisis on our hands as Muslims would shut down every oil well in the Persian Gulf

And unfortunately, our country only has about a 3 minute supply of Qurans to use as a source of heat

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I hate it, too, BBoomer. But hey, the cheesier the song, the bigger the burn on the intended target. For instance, I hate "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" But change it to "the Liar Sleeps Tonight" or the "Liar Speaks Tonight" and aim it at Obama ... I think that's pretty damn funny; mostly because of the cheeziness of the original song

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Fron the song "Georgie Girl"

Hey there, Obama Girl
Why support the O when job numbers stink
Could it you just don't think
Or choose to be unaware
You're always bitching that there's no riches from your degree
So shed those PC blinkers and see
A little bit