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Oh man, An "angry black lady?" Who's got the popcorn?

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Oh no! She shows her knees too much and is allowed to talk interrupted! That Ben is too weak! LMFAO. That blog, holy shit it is awesome!

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You know, I've always wanted to run for office but I figured the white trash skeletons in my closets would sink such an idea. Thank goodness Sarah's out there setting precedent for the rest of us!

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and 100% rap and pop

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Nope. Nope. Nope. I am so sick of this patriarchal bullshit. My body is mine and I don't deserve the harassment. My job is mine. I work hard and I should be paid as much as my male counterparts. I don't deserve the constant harassment there either. My house and possesions .are.mine. You want the privileges of using my shit? Clean up after yourself because I'm busy running my life. Marriage isn't a willing subjugation into indentured servitude so shove it Pat and every other asshole who follows him.

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Beware the fecal bacterium!

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Is it me or does Turdblossom's nose look different?

Now I'm not saying his nose was broken during a rough Koch sucking session, but there's a span of a few months where he wasn't making the fox news rounds. Could it be that he had a pair of old grey balls teabagging his nose until it fractured? It certainly seems plausible.

I'm just asking questions here.

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I've eaten a whole bag of radishes! Roasted with butter, salt and pepper...amazing.

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I'm not mad at ya lady. I can ignore you and your "happiness" all day long. My problem happens to be with men who think like this because they're the one with all the fucking power.