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Slightly askew, but last year I went down to Macon and went to The Big House, which is where the Allman Brothers and their various wives and girlfriends and children lived during most of their time together, and it's been turned into a beautiful museum. There's lots of photos of Jimmy with them and lots of correspondence between them on display, back when he was still governor of our fair state. They most certainly have a fondness for each other, it's very obvious and that is very, very cool.

OK, back to the comments.

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Won't that be a little weird, considering the RICO thing and all? Does anyone know what became of those racketeering charges against Mittens in 2013 stemming from KayBee liquidation?

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As you can see by my avatar, 'Food Stamp Libertine', I am no stranger to such things...things like hunger and scarcity, about homelessness and violence, and all the soul crushing shame that goes along with it. The day that 'Self Check Out' became a reality, you never saw a happier person, I actually shed tears of joy as I checked my own meager groceries and only had to hide my hand artfully around the card so that the only one who knew how it was being paid for was me. That one, singular technological advance has done more for my self esteem than anyone needs to know.

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I am so sorry this happened to you. I know other men this has happened to, so while that in and of itself is no comfort, take heart that at least you weren't singled out.

I commend you for your strength and bravery, and do so wish there were more good men like you around. Biggest hug imaginable.

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My ex owes about the same amount Walsh does...$118,266.65. It's been 23 years since I got the order. The child was the product of a vicious rape that left me beaten and stabbed in a hotel room. Bless you men who do the right thing. It's very rare.

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OT, but did you guys see this? Ted Nugent's bestie, Dave Mustaine says Bamz staged the shootings in Aurora and the Sikh temple because he wants to take away our guns. Can't make this stuff up you guys.

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OT, but did you guys see this in the HuffPoo:

It's great to see them turn on each other in the whole Muslim Brotherhood thing.

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She's so lovely. They're just jealous.

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HAHAHA here I was projecting again : )