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Yea we are! We tend to sort between people who have self worth, contribute to society (instead of take), manage their affairs properly and the people like you who seem to be just one big brainless mouth.

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Never. He has always been a Dick Head. That sits on top of his stubby chubby neck.

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Ron Paul is Nucking Futs!!!!

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That little stat is pure BS. Pure and total BS and you can't prove either one. It just means that a bunch of military people decided to throw their money away before a real candidate is selected. And I have heard that Crapola line "a majority of Americans" tossed about for years by the left and it has always been a lie. Now you Bots use it. Again, Bots=Fringe=Progressives=mental retardation.

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We all want peace but pacifism is suicide in today's reality! Paul hasn't got a nano microbe of a clue about Islam. He is a very very dangerous man. Paul Bots are just as bad as the Progressives. They live in a fantasy driven, idealistic world that says if you just be nice, say the right things, stay in your own backyard and pay the right people, there will be Peace on Earth. Peace doesn't happen, it is fought for.

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Yea like I am going to put my dime on a Soros funded propaganda piece. Ahhhh Nope! Ron Paul is nucking futs!!!!

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Ron Paul is nucking futs!

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I take it that you don't think Islam is a threat? We need to call the enemy by it's name. Islam is at war with the world. It has been since 632A.D..

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As this campaign drags on, Ron Paul gets more wacko. This guy has no business being President. Secretary of The Treasury maybe, certainly not President. He is in absolute total denial of the the threat of Islam. Ron Paul's views on the world and foreign policy are very dangerous. He wants to hide in a whole wait for others to lob nukes in it then fight back. MAD won't work with the crazy suicidal Mullahs.

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Yea, Ahmadinejad, Vlad Putin, and Kim Jong Il.