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I think I'm still more excited to order Al Jazeera English than to see this "Fox North" Kory has in the works. Although I'm glad that David Akin will be a part of it. One voice of reason is better than none.

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Jamie, what did you think about the "Brian and Stewie" portion of the episode, prior to the musical bits? I never saw the All in the Family episode that served as the inspiration for last night's story. It was definitely and odd episode.

Also, what the hell was up with the Ke$ha opening on The Simpsons???

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John, your point about his connections to both the CBC and the LPC aside, I would hardly say based off Martin's article that Graves is advising the Liberals to "screw" the west. They've been advised to stop worrying so much about losing support in the west if they decide to pursue a left-of-centre agenda. To say that the Liberals now have some sort of "hidden agenda" to "screw" the west is a stretch, at best. It's like trying to say the Conservatives have some sort of hidden agenda to screw the east.

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Scott, I know we're now doing this live chat instead of a mailbag, but I just found this article and feel it needs to be addressed.

Now, I know their marriage is going down in flames, but still... Is that an ok excuse to ditch a hot blonde in order to hang out with Nickleback??? As further evidence, I didn't notice Laureen Harper in that picture of Chad and Stephen on the steps of 24 Sussex Drive. Does Chad Kroeger's lady-hair have some sort of strange bromantic effect on guys that makes them abandon far more attractive people in order to hang out with him?

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Dear Scott,

My Twitter feed no longer enlightens me with thoughts from the voice in the PM's head. What gives?

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Outstanding. Thanks for sharing this!

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LOL I like this question better. Many more possibilities.

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Dear Scott,

What would the "Mighty Ducks" franchise of films have been like if Charlie Sheen had been cast as Coach Bombay instead of his brother Emilio?

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LOL Comment of the day. Hands down!

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LOL I see I wasn't the only one watching The Colbert Report last night.