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I would not at all be pissed. I would respect the outcome and hope my fears prove unfounded.

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If you take away the first sentence, this reads how Hemingway would have actually covered today.

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i get paid in backrubs. coyne? magic fingers.

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If only I'd said our dumbness transcends party lines and all parties have come to rely on it.

Oh, wait, I did.

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You paying?

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So what you're saying then is that he's out of luck?

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It's a good question. My 8-year-old has a Roethlisberger jersey AND a huge Roethlisberger Fathead on his bedroom wall. Redecorating appears to be in order. He's learning a lot of life lessons, consider he last year removed his David Ortiz Fathead because he kept reading about the steroid allegations...

Who is a safe sports figure to for an 8-year-old to look up to? Is there one?

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We care. At least, I care. It's just that Spezza earns $7-million AND he has the strange habit of drawing the most possible attention to his miscues by ensuring THEY ARE GIGANTIC AND VERY CONSEQUENTIAL.

Turnover stats are useless in the NHL. Turnovers that lead directly to the other team scoring within 10 seconds - now THAT's a category worth keeping, and one I'm confident that Spezza would lead the league in.

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I still remember when I heard about Spezza's $49-million contract extension. I was driving in the car with my then-six-year-old. I don't often make predictions that could be considered accurate (as anyone who reads my nfl picks can attest), but i used a very specific verb that day. That verb was "rue."

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The officiating was spectacularly awful - although not particularly biased one way or another. They missed calls both ways. If you can divorce yourself from any rooting interest you might have in the game, it's actually pretty hilarious to watch how a game is called. Getting your stick parallel to the ice and gently placing it on the torso of an opponent is an automatic penalty. Not an automatic penalty: Getting your stick parallel to the ice and ruthlessly smashing it against the back of an opponent's head. Or elbowing a guy in the face. Or punching a guy in the teeth.