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I believe Well's point was not that we don't take our comment boards seriously, we do. That's why we're putting in some effort to keep them clean (with the communities help).

His point was more so that this is in the internet and there will be people on the internet who's goal it is to offend you. If you plan on spending your time on the internet you need to learn that these people exist and to not take it too personally.

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That could be a possibility, anyone else interested in this?

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Thank you, we will look into that issue.

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We're in the process of figuring out the proper settings on the Report Abuse aspect of our comments with IntenseDebate. In general, we try to keep this website Community Moderated, and most editors keep a hands-off approach, except in extreme circumstances. Your previous comment was automatically deleted because it had been reported a number of times by other readers.

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No. This Commemorative Issue will not be sent out to subscribers, but is available on newsstands starting today.

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Apologizes to CR for having to remove the poll. Had to remove it because it was making this page load weirdly.
Luckily this is an older post.

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Working on it, I did manage to find and approve the above comment.
As I've posted elsewhere, I recommend signing up for a Intense Debate account.
Seems to prevent weird things from happening.

The bugs will be worked out, be patient.

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Also, a tip for anyone, and pass this along. If you sign up for a Intense Debate account, I believe the chances that your comments will be thrown into no-where land (A place where we can not approve or disapprove them) and minimized.

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I don't see any of your recent comments in the moderation cue.
Are you sure they're being deleted? is the comment below your comment?

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What turns you off of it exactly? Specifics please :)