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Hey Captain, here to 'member dem old times I see?
Good times... Good times...

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Waiting for the next One Punch Man episode! :D

Im also getting into drawing and rewatch episodes.
I could probably read some fan fics too. That read later part of my fimfiction library is getting bigger and bigger...

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In some countries the month is written in front and not aftert he day...

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Well, i didnt want to watch it early i just wanted to know wether you can watch this video w/out buying it using the link in my first comment.

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Could someone from the US please try this link for me? I cant get a vpn working... https://www.youtube.com/v/VaGK-SB3jRc

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Hellu there! So, I was playing League of Legends the other Day and I tried out the champion Diana. She quickly reminded me of somebody... Can you guess who she reminded me of by this? :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEgsSoq9zGI

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? xD

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But still, 10k for 7 minutes and 100k for half an hour? Seems a bit OP... Its also not going to attract a lot of people if the goal seems unreachable or unexplicable for that matter.

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Honestly, I dont like these. They all seem so.... low quality and are not that show accurate. No big surprise since its machines that are making them but....yeah.

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Something about the SU Fans on Tumblr being afraid of bronies ruining the existing fanbase. (Dont quote me on that though)