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Gotta get em all, POKEPON!

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There is a bug that the first time you run the program, the teambuilder will save to the wrong location. I restarted the program and it began saving in the proper location.

EDIT: After playing some matches with Deft and Red, I quite enjoy the game(To be fair, I won every match e_e). It is REALLY alpha, from sprites being inconsistent to a few game breaking bugs. I really enjoy it as a casual Pokemon player. I hope it gets fixed up soon so I can invite my friends to play.

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When you've bundled all your cables, and your firewalls are disabled.
Listen to the morbid rattles, of my elec-tri-ci-ty.
'Cause these chords are burning rubber, and the tech support's a blunder.
So please don't whine on twitter, because there's simply no refunds.

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Reminds me of Diablo III, for unknown reasons...

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One can make a game in 5 minutes, all that's 'needed' is a goal, obstacle, and user interaction to reach said goal. And in some games the goal isn't even real. Now for a simple pony game with decent content, assuming the game dev(s) already have assets, 4 days is plenty unless you're super busy with other things.

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+1 plz&ty, Strate's writing is very profound and envious.

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It really is a beautiful scenery.

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Don't forget that content is half the battle, you also have to make the reader interested throughout all of it. =/ Writing is quite challenging.

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Floor 1, no problem, heh what difficulty?
Floor 2, 4 paths... Huh, which one to... GUARDS EVERYWHERE, ALL SIDES, AAAAAAAH
Floor 3, run run run run run
Floor 10, Ow.

Second play through I did win. But Twilight, resistance is futile. I don't care how many guards I have to smack, how many castles I have to travel to and through, how many other lovers I must compete against, I will one day have you. And I will be the happiest Alicorn.

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Football Head!