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The words "liberal" and "hypocritical" have become practically indistinguishable today.

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I don't doubt Eastwood's sincerity but this sort of comes across like a Paul Reiser "I'm not saying, I'm just saying" routine.

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It's too bad Hollywood can't see Cuba Gooding Jr. as good for anything other than "first black" roles. First black Navy Master Diver, first black Medal of Honor recipient, first black fighter squad, etc. How about seeing him in terms other than race?

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I can sum this up easily.

Who would you be more afraid of if they walked into a bar looking to pick a fight with somebody: John Wayne or Johnny Depp? William Holden or George Clooney? Lee Van Cleef or Matt Damon?

Male leads in the old days had presence. Today's male leads couldn't intimidate a girl scout.

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"Obama's leadership." I know what those words mean individually but I'm not sure what they mean together.

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If Beck can't see any difference between Obama and Gingrich then he needs to retire as a political analyst.

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The old clown nose on/clown nose off defense. In ancient Greece they had philosophers, in modern America we have left-wing comedians.

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Sure, I'm all for it. In fact, let me fire up my Deskjet right now so I can buy your car.

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What's next, L.A. Times? In the Blu-Ray version of "Star Wars" Luke Skywalker comes from the Palestinian planet of Tattooine?

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Fareed is contradicting Rumsfeld with a point that is not contradictory. Allowing Bush's mission to kill Osama to come to fruition does not equal calling radical Islamist terrorism for what it is. This is not journalism.