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I really want a version of this for all the times in Le Morte that Lancelot brought ruin to all of Europe by being bad at sex decisions. It's been a while since I read it but I'm pretty sure this happened at least four times.

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*emits a sustained, escalating-pitch squeal*

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How are my fellow white dudes this sensitive? I really, really don't understand this.

I also don't understand how literally all of these dudes complaining about the use of "literally" have literally never heard of hyperbole once in their lives.

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Yes, during Will and Marigold's ill-advised hookup, Larry had taken to the sofa with Marigold's friends. He's def bi. http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-12-20/567-augh/

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Imagining the writer getting home from the grocery store with a 300-pack (or whatever) of napkins, using ONE to blow her nose, and throwing the rest away.

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someone get his harp, men cannot be killed unless you also destroy the instrument they were trying to play at you

Today I learned that male musicians are actually liches. The world makes a little more sense than it did this morning.

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"What it's like to date Cher on a stolen horse"

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The difference being that this was HER book club, and thus she was not guilted into it.

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12. Like the druids, little is known about how I spend my time, and scholars argue whether or not I would have been strong enough to move sandstones across southwestern England

Nice try, Mallory. Academic consensus settled YEARS ago on you building Stonehenge.

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There comes a point in most of the cases you prosecute where you decide to throw the trial. For the remainder of the trial you allow the defense attorney to prosecute your key witness while you mostly smirk. Somehow this stunningly unprofessional behavior has earned you a quick series of promotions.

There is an old woman, and she is a nightmare. You cannot escape her. She finagles her way into being a witness for a suspicious number of your trials. She haunts your dreams. Your colleagues find her amusing.

Your political and legal system is not sophisticated enough to produce competent judges. It can't even produce multiple judges