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No, just drank it while grating the nutmeg and had to run out for more. Happens all the time.

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I'm sure some of them would pay more than that.

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He blinded them with Science!

Whee, wha, woo.


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I prepare income taxes in my spare time. So far this season I have had two clients, out of ~20 uninsured that actually had to pay their shared responsibility payment and the rest were exempt. It helps that Texas didn't expand Medicaid in that respect, although it sucks that there are that many people out there who should be insured and aren't.

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Or at least stare at one intently without holding it upside down so as to look intelligent.

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Hah! I knew a guy in the Army that tried to shoot the padlock off of his toolbox because he'd forgotten his keys. Yeah...that doesn't work.

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Was that Scientology? I thought it was hobbits, but I was stoned.

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The Repubs could make things much more efficient by just assigning numbers to their talking points. Then the interview would sound like this:
"Senator Cruz, the economy is booming, the deficit is going down and the nation is almost at full employment. What does that say about the current administration?"

"Well, George...I'd have to go with 12, 17, 23, and maybe a 30 there, and as Senator McCain pointed out last week, 8 and 14.'

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Man, if a guy can't make terrible racist remarks in the privacy of the internets, where can he make them?

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Pink Floyd!!??

Led Zepplin Libel!