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It will likely end up as a stay in the single market and customs union withdrawal agreement and transition deal with FTA negotiations to be done in the transition

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Maybe some citizens of the Irish Republic will be having second thoughts about absorbing the whole of NI then, especially the Protestant bits

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It is between Boff, with the intellectual firepower and Bailey with the charisma and ability to get connect with the man or woman on the street for me

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She is a sharp and tough cookie even if I disagree with her

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No we are the Conservative and UNIONIST party, not the English Nationalist Party.

Westminster is the Parliament for the whole UK, rather than messing about with EVEL and trying to play the English nationalist card there if we really want to return power to England why not give England its own devolved Parliament like Scotland or its own Assembly like Wales or Northern Ireland

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Certainly single market and customs union in all but name during the transition period with maybe a work permits/study place on arrival requirement and an attempt to negotiate a FTA during the transition

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Agreement on the Irish backstop has to be done first so we can get a withdrawal agreement and transition deal

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Having heard Shaun Bailey a few times it strikes me that not only does he have charisma but a real interest in youth, getting the disadvantaged into work and getting people away from crime and is our best chance to beat Khan

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Good luck to all candidates in what will be a tough battle to win back either seat.

I see Chris White who lost his Warwick and Leamington seat at the last general election is now Director of Industrial Strategy at King's College London and has obviously decides not to stand again

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A No Deal Brexit as the EU has made clear can only be avoided post Brexit if we get a transition deal (Canada took 7 years to negotiate its FTA with the EU) and that will require alignment on services rules, not just goods rules as Barnier has also made clear