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I'm certainly not the spiritual son of any of that rabble who I utterly despise.

If I'm the spiritual son of any politician it is Enoch Powell.

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The labour party and unhinged remain extremists who think it woz the Russians that won it. But everyone else, definitely not!

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Unfortunately not even close, I was born after she had left office.

And although she had a few successes in reversing some of the disastrous policies of the previous Labour governments, she did nothing to reverse the massive decline in educational, moral and cultural standards in this country. Nor did she prevent the absorption into the EU superstate.

Overall, I consider Thatcher highly overrated, who lacked the necessary intellectual rigour to identify the real causes of Britain's decline and the actions needed to reverse that decline. Now after another 30 years of pro-EU Blairite rule, the damage is so great that it cannot possibly be rectified.

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Britain, as well as the rest of Western European culture, has been in decline since at least 1914 - just look at the output of culture, art and architecture from that period and compare it to what passes for 'art' these days, if you're in doubt.

Both sides of the EU debate need to accept this reality, and realise our future is as a mid-ranking, island nation whose best days are long behind it, but still has sufficient social capital that it inherited from its glorious past that means it can still steer a relatively successful path for a few more decades yet.

In the mean time, both sides should stop worrying and enjoy the decline by immersing themselves as much as possible in the eternal displays of beauty that were created by our glorious forefathers.

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But that was also the assumption for the Brexit party until today....

We'll have to wait and see, I think BJ must of offered Farage something.... A knighthood, peerage???

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Will the conservatives still put up candidates in places like Doncaster North, Bolsover, Pontefract and the Welsh valleys?

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Like BJ was all but guaranteed to last less then 100 days as PM???

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'Populist high spending, unfunded tax cuts, increasing the deficit ( to the point that it makes Labours plans difficult to criticize)'

Agree, I too am dismayed by the party's new-born penchant for social democratic freebies, but that's hardly a right wing development in the conventional sense - that' s clearly a turn to the left.

Aspirations to limit the levels of mass migration is not 'extremism'.

My point remains, the party in the 80s was far more too the right than its current social democratic form.

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I'm 28 and bought my first house last year for £140,000.

Across the water in Liverpool, you can pick up a two bed terrace for £75,000 - hardly 'unaffordable'.

The fact is too many millenial snowflakes are obsessed with working in London as soon as they leave university. Well, if that's your inclination that's fine, but don't moan about house prices, as there are many, many places outside of London where there is a bountiful of cheap housing.

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'an extremist clique'

Please, let's give this unoriginal hyperbole a rest. The party of the 80s, under the control of Thatcher, Tebbit, Parkinson, Ridley and Lawson was well to the right than the current spendthrift party, particularly on economic issues but also social issues (section 28?!?).

Honouring the largest democratic vote in British history does not make one 'extremist'.