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It didn't stop.....

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they've been here all along. None of them left.

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only if someone brings me chocolate raspberry cheesecake.................

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we can have a reunion later..............

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I wouldn't walk across the street to see her. We just don't have a lot in common, you know???

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you give me back all the money I have lost then we'll talk. We're talking a drop on the bucket here....geez

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and they know this how? None of the money has been spent.

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I've decided what you need is a good old ass whipping and then maybe you'd shut that lying mouth of yours. Where do you live????

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Just received an e-mail from jan over on Conservative Revolution. Apparently, after some investigation, they have uncovered some of the subterfuge which we all experienced on GretaWire.
The E-mail says:
I want everyone to know that since I created this forum that I have rarely gone to Gretawire, especially since she changed the format. However, some members have informed me that some literally CRAZY things have been said over there about CR. It makes me SICK! And, it really REALLY makes me angry.

First of all, to those of you who are unaware, I started this forum when Greta made an announcement that she may be shutting her site down. I decided that we conservatives needed a place to go, and having experience with this type of forum, I created it. As soon as I announced it's creation on Gretawire, a woman joined named Proud American. She asked if she could help out and I immediately said yes. She said she was a conservative, been a member at Gretawire for a long time, etc. I believed her. I never paid close attention to who posted what over there under which name. I thought her name sounded familiar, so I made her a partner. Of course, there are a lot of people with "American" in their name over there.

Anyway, she helped me set everything up and things were going along beautifully until "Suzi" showed up. She sent outrageous PM's to people that were sexual in nature and downright disgusting. She also posted stupid and sexual crap out on the open forum. I would ban Suzi, only to have her pop up AGAIN. This happened more times than I could count. I could NOT figure out HOW she kept getting back on here. Well, ConservaRat and I decided to do a little investigative work and we tracked and traced IP's from the many that Suzi, Proud and Luver (Yes, Luver was in the mix, too). Proud American screwed up because she used the same IP for a couple of Suzi's posts. So, we confronted Proud and she got defensive and then eventually admitted that she had "got" us. We immediately banned Proud, Suzi and Luver.

Now, it appears that someone at Gretawire named Sammie is ALSO Suzi. She's posting crap about this site, saying a couple of liberals started it up. Well, I am here to tell you RIGHT NOW that I AM THE CREATOR AND FOUNDER OF THIS SITE. Just me. I cannot transfer ownership. I gave Leigh ownership privledges but since I am the one who created this forum, I am the only one who actually "owns" it. Now, Suzi aka Proud American, DID help run this site for a short while. I didn't know who she was. I had no idea. She conned us all. So, the fact is that for a time being, a single liberal, was helping in running this site. But, only for a short time. So what she says (as Sammie) is NOT true. She is determined to stop this forum from growing at all given costs. It makes me sick because I know there are tons of Gretawire bloggers who would love to join here and would have a good time in this forums participation.

There is a website that Paula in CA sent to me that reads that Suzi uses several aliases, (including Suzi, Sammie, etc.) and that she has bee cyber-stalking and harrassing people for years. She is NOT a good person. You must avoid her at all costs. She's a sociopath. She has stated numerous times at Gretawire that this site is run by a couple of liberals and keeps repeating that mantra. I know that she does this in order to keep people from joining.

I am asking all of you, as loyal members of Conservative Revolution, to PLEASE go to Gretawire and post that the things being said by Suzi/Sammie are NOT true and that this place is a really nice place to hang out and blog.

I hate to ask you to do this, but she must be defeated. I cannot understand for the life of me why she is targeting us, but like I said, the woman is a sociopath. I wouldn't put ANYTHING past her.

I am going to Gretawire, something I vowed I would not do, and I'm going to personally take on Suzi/Sammie. I will and CAN refute anything she says.

Any help any of you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I beleive that this site has not grown much since it's inception because of Suzi/Sammie's antics. I do not want people to be afraid to come here.

Any advice on how to deal with this situation will also be greatly appreciated. I have grown to love this forum and the membership. It's sad that we cannot grow because one woman with a twisted mind is preventing good people from joining. Like I said, any help or advice in dealing with this situation would be wonderful.

I thank you one and all from the bottom of my heart for being loyal to CR. Without you, we would not exist.

All my best,
Jan and the CR Team
Contact them over on CR and show them your support. I have been a member since I joined Blogster and have never had a bit of trouble.

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random thoughts-----I've been awake again for HOURS; how come when you're sick you sleep less; why am I only sleeping a couple hours a night even though I'm exhausted. Being awake in the middle of the night is so BORING, I've read every article there is, posted on blogster and am still waiting for Greta to wake up and post a new thread.