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So because no one stepped up before to help unite the country & forgo the politics & just come together as united people of these free states then it shouldn't be done? If you were so concerned during the Bush era why didn't you start a grass roots movement? But, now that somone has put a good idea into action you want to bash that idea & the people who think its a good idea just because it wasn't done during Bush's era. Stop whining & try to find something good in the world. Even if you don't agree w/ someone's politics doesn't mean that you can't stand beside them as a citizen of these United States.

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What wonderful news for her & the whole Bush family. I know GHW is going to be happy to have her home. I wish her continued good health & God speed. She is one tough lady!!! Love her!

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I love your response. Love the part...As an aside, often when a viewer does not like a guest, the viewer assumes “gushing” by the interviewer.

It makes me laugh how people try to tell you your job yet you have the highest ratings at that hour on FOX & have held it for several years. I also like how the folks that don't like the Palin's or the Repubs always know exactly where to go to find a story on them. If they didn't care then why do they spend time looking for a story & forwarding the links? But, it is also humorous that people believe anything they read especially coming from proven trash sources.

Keep up the good work, Greta! A guest to FOX recently said that Fox viewers are the sophisticated people in America & the more educated in world news. It is true, the non-viewers are only getting half truths & rumors fed to them & they believe it all.

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He can veto this bill but maybe he didn't read that part in the "How to be a Democratic President for Idiot's" book. Queen Pelosi tore that chapter out.

If he meant what he said & does what he means then he would send this bill back & get the earmarks that are needed approved & the stupid ones thrown out. He is a liar & the next bill he passes he will not read or review & will blame it on Bush. Yes, he inherited a defeicit when he took over the presidency but he has increased it by trillions of dollars in 51 days & is driving this nation further & further down. That is unacceptable. He is a liar & a crook.

NOTE TO GRETA: Don't Listen to President Obama & Drive.

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Doesn't sound good.

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I am surprised that MSNBC has left that poll up. It was up last night & he was getting an "F" at that time too. It will be interesting to see if they report it but since I can't bring myself to watch that network I'll always be left wondering.

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I really wanted to believe this was the unfortunate circumstances of a missing child & a family that was devastated & focusing on doing all they could to find her. But over the weeks doubt has crept into my mind & I have tried very hard to push it away & continue to pray for the family to find their little girl. But, now, I am unable to do that. I feel like something is very off in this story & there are circumstances that are very fishy. I, of course, will continue to pray for this child's well being & for her to be home because that is her Daddy & her home but again, I have to say, I think there is something very fishy about this whole situation & sadly I am beginning to doubt this is going to be a good outcome for this little girl.

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I just love to kiss your pretty face!!!

Greta, I just love when you share these sweet pics with us. Thanks, Tuna Salad!

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