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Harry Reid, you can kiss my ass! Get in line behind Pelosi, Obama, Emanuel, Schumer, Durbin and Franks. When you're done, I am going to work my ass off to get every last one of you OUT OF OFFICE!!

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A former beauty pageant contestant in Alaska, Palin is the first female governor of the northern state and the Republican Party's first female vice-presidential nominee.


What is this crap? She is the governor of Alaska, and all you can mention is that she was in a couple of beauty pageants to earn money for college? Good grief!!

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Her job! 25% of the illegals in the US live in CA.

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Thank YOU! I live in Texas, a right to work state. I do NOT want unions being able to take over businesses in my state. This bill would be devastating to small businesses if it passes, and it would hurt states that are not currently union states.

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PLEASE!!!! Go to this website and sign the petition to defeat the "Freedom Of Choice Act" now being debated in congress. This bill would take away the right to a secret ballot when voting to join unions. Vote now and choose the option on the website to send it to your friends to do the same!! This is VERY important. If you now live in a "right to work" state it would mean that unions would be able to turn your state into a "union" state!

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LOL! When I saw those, they reminded me of my best girlfriend in high school. I never had any boots, (was a rocker) but my best friend was a "kicker." She had several pairs of boots. The good old days!!!

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Call your senators and representatives about the Freedom of Choice Act! This is the "card check" bill that is being debated NOW. It involves the right to a secret ballot in the workplace when voting on being unionized. It also will determine whether the GOVERNMENT has the authority to force mediation in workplace disputes. PLEASE, call your senators and reps and tell them NO to the FOCA!!!!!

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Good morning from from Austin, TX! How is every one this morning? Ready for the good fight? Let's roll!!!

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LMBO!!!! You only think it's circular logic because you're too dense to understand it.

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Obots are too stupid to understand the difference between illness and arrogance. Sad, isn't it?