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The credit for the amazing rescue goes to the US Navy and the crew of the Maersk. I disagree with this being the "first big foreign policy test" of Obama's term. The US Military is trained to deal with situations such as this. They do not need a rookie politician to tell them when it's time to take lethal action. The fact that Obama said lethal action could be taken the day prior to the shootings, is not the reason why this plan succeeded. The leftist media is making it sound like Obama was on the phone with the shooters, giving them the green light. It just disgusts me how the media diminishes the role of the experts (US Navy) and gives undue credit to a president who has no military expertise at all.

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The Equal Protection Clause is what these radical judges are using to allow Gay Marriage in the states. However, the law is already being applied equally, as you have stated Mr. Glorious Cause. Unfortunately, this is going to lead to a slippery slope that will harm our country just as it has harmed several European countries already.

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During the course of Obama's "Apology Tour" he continually apologized for America's behavior over the past two centuries. America has been the world superpower for some time now and I get the sense that Obama does not like that. Obama continues to pit the US as the the worlds problem maker and looks to Europe as a model for America. I don't know how much history you all know, but Europe is in a state of deterioration. Obama intends to knock America of the pedestal in an attempt to make us more like Europe. Europe is an example of an epic fail. I encourage everyone to do a little study on Europe since WW2 and hopefully see Europe's policies are something we need to avoid like the plague. I thought Obama was running to be the president of the US not president of the world or NATO (another epic fail) for that matter.

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I agree GloriousCause. Obama seems to be blaming us (Americans) for not becoming more like europe. As if Europe is the sum of all things good. We rule the world when we follow conservative Judeo Christian values. Europe is an Aethistic liberal continent and it is slowly dying off. Thank you Obama for leading us 3 steps backwards.

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The fact that this nut attributes part of the reason for his actions to Obama's stance on guns is not a make or break deal. It is fairly clear that he would have acted in the same manner whether or not Obama was in office or not. Nutjobs who take others with him cleary have deeper issues at stake. Our hearts go out to the Pittsburgh officers as well as the Oakland fallen officers from a week ago.

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Glenn has ignited a fire among our countrymen. Glen is fighting the battle through the media, we must fight the same battle at our places of work and amongst our friends and families. We must convince others through sound reason and character to stand up for the core values of this great country we call America.

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I believe we have positioned a few Aegis Cruisers in the region. These babies are known as the shield of the fleet. They are capable of searching, tracking, and performing missile guidance functions simultaneously with a track capacity of well over 100 targets at more than 100 nautical miles. So if Japan does not shoot down N. Korea's "satellite" then we provide adequate protection to the region.