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There's got to be a liberal university who would let us exchange Obama for their JV coach. We need somebody who has worked at something - anything!

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Man, I wish our stimulus money had been spent sending all these Marxists and communists to Venezuela or Cuba. We'd have been so much better off and they'd have been happy, right?

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Cruelty to animals didn't even cross their minds because there were no Tea Partiers on horseback anywhere to be found.

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Dude, just letting you know; when you wake up one day, around noon, and our economy is all Greece'd up, and the mob's destroying everything - you are NOT getting any of my stockpiled canned food. Just sayin'.

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Here's how you figure out where they'll stand on an issue:

If you live your life in a way that always puts your country and others first; they are against everything you're in favor of.

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Let's review: left wing bully - [checks + balances] = [squalor + oppression]

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These are the most intellectually dishonest, in fact, let's just say plain dishonest, people.

How in the world are their rants viewed as credible by anyone?

These intellectual poseurs have turned the institution of political debate and discernment into a house of cards.

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Doesn't the way the left is acting right now remind you of this leprechaun sighting?


The "link" between this nut's actions and the Tea Party or the talk radio guys is about as real as the little green guy these people saw in the tree. Many on the left instantly jumped on board this weakly disguised attempt to build a case against free speech that they do not agree with and apparently cannot abide.

I expect this will backfire on them - again.

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Welcome to the club, Juan.

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NOT getting an endorsement from Obama beats the hell out of actually getting one. This guy will be even tougher to beat now, LoL.