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Doesn't make you wonder why the liberals are giggling that we're going to put Mittens up against Obama?
He doesn't have a clue...that's why!

Ok...why the faux protest from the paint Mitt as the evil makes me wonder how much sense Republicans have if they walk knowingly into an obvious trap.

Hopefully, Newt will rebound....he has the support of the country's the city 'don't have a clue' people that are giving Mitt their support.

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The last Fifty years???? Try the first fifty is when it started.

c. 570 CE Birth of Muhammad.
c. 610 CE Muhammad receives first vision in a cave near Mecca.
c. 610-22 CE Muhammad preaches in Mecca.
622 CE Hijira - Muhammad and followers flee to Medina.
Islamic calendar (AH, Anno Hegirae) begins.
624 CE Muslims successfully attack Meccan caravans at Badr.
625 Muslims are defeated by Meccans at Uhud.
630 Muslims capture Mecca. Ka'ba is cleansed, pilgrimage rites are Islamicized, tribes of Arabia vow allegiance to Muhammad
632 Death of Muhammad. Abu Bakr chosen as caliph.
632-33 Wars of ridda (apostasy) restore allegiance to Islam
633 Muslim conquests (Futuhat) begin.
633-42 Muslim armies take the Fertile Crescent (Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Mesopotamia), North African coast, parts of Persian and Byzantine Empires

Source:'re obviously certain of I don't want to argue with someone so blind. It's not fair to you!

And the only reason it's been coming up in the last half-century is we are now too PC to bury them in pigs blood.

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I appreciate your service. And if this was a perfect world I'd agree with you. Crap in one hand and wish in the other...see which one fills up first.

12 years ago @ - Ron Paul On Iran: 'We ... · 5 replies · +1 points's a volunteer army...if you don't believe in the mission and cause...don't enlist.

Second, no matter how stupid it is....appeasement is more stupid. Just ask the Christian Coptics in Egypt. Furthermore, Israel will retaliate if they are threatened and they will be if we do nothing but appease....BOOM...WWIII, get the picture now?

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Read some history....the ''moors", the muslims have been at war with the west since Mohammed.

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I don't understand what you don't like....the gov't has the constitutional authority for national defense, and then you complain because it's protecting the citizens from those in the world that are 'religiously' sworn to undo us?

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Government isn't going to solve this are deceived if you think so! Appeasement does not and your children will be dead! You might want to thank someone who fought with bullets and bombs rather than with placards!

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I don't want to call you an what is your point? You don't answer the question, then you make a statement that has nothing to do with my point. LIfe is a struggle. There is an answer to the insanity that this struggle creates...but you won't understand it.

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Notice how the conversation is now about the 99%
Nothing about the Tea Party?
Bias...anyone...controlling the media....Valerie Jarrett?

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Well....If Ron Paul gets might just know how it feels to have bombs dropped on you...then you won't have to 'just imagine'....