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My reputation is gone?!?!?!

Now what's supposed to be my ice-breaker when speed dating?

Thanks a lot, Macleans.

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Well, the Communists are now a junior partner in any merger talks with the Marxist-Leninists. But it's their own fault. They just assumed the Proletariat would always vote for them, while the Marxists became the party of fresh ideas.

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Could probably play goal for Philly.

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Saw the blog title via Twitter. Assumed it would be Feschuck. Way to keep us on our toes Macleans.

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Perhaps it comes across different in person or on the phone, but is he more or less saying sovereignty is inevitable in that article?

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I think the shifting dynamics of the campaign, the attack ads and questions surrounding Ignatieff may be why the Liberals wound up with 34 seats. But 30 years of base erosion, ignoring the changes in Canadian politics, and alienating almost half the country at one time or another are why the Liberals top out at 90-100 seats right now, regardless of whether they ran the best campaign in Canadian history. So, in sum, you have a point, but it's not the real problem with the Liberals and their campaign.

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If only the Maclean's blogs existed in the 90s we could have listened to you denouncing the Chretien sweeps of Ontario.

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Wow, first RIck Mercer blogs, and then Ryan from The Office interviews Martin Patriquin! Way to go Macleans!

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I certainly hope that's a long form census she's filling out.

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This country needs a coalition, in some form or another, so we can just rip the band-aid off and realize it's workable. Having another centre-right party with a handful of seats would come in extremely handy right about now.