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The outcome realization that the federal, provincial and local governments need to take immediate initiatives for the provision of safe drinking water to the public in order to prevent the onslaught of water borne diseases.

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Good morning foodies, what are you having for breakfast ? As for me am having Mark Nsukabag bread.

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Oracle Linux can be downloaded through Oracle’s E-delivery service or from a variety of mirror sites, and can be deployed and distributed without cost. If you’re downloading it directly from Oracle, you have to create free Oracle account first.

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On sait que les bébés drépanocytaires n’ont pas de symptômes avant 3-4 mois de vie, justement parce qu’ils sont protégés par cette Hb F qui interrompt la construction du puzzle ( polymère de l’hémoglobine S ou gel à l’origine de la «rigidité «du globule rouge)et du blocage de la micro circulation, causant les crises douloureuses.

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Hope everyone is enjoying the Rebirth EP! We are definitely glad it is finally out for you guys. Starting to work on revising some old songs and rewriting others!

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The House Republican Conference chaired by Mike Pence released this new web ad hitting House Democrats hard for doing something that hasn’t ever been done by Congress in the modern era; pass a budget. What’s the basic function of Congress, particularly the House? Oh, that’s right. Create and pass a budget.

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This right is further elaborated in the Canadian Supreme Court Cases Haida Nation v. British Columbia, Taku River Tlingit First Nation v. British Columbia, and Mikisew Cree First Nation v. Canada.[5] According to the Canadian Department on Indigenous and Northern Affairs, these cases collectively decree that, “the Crown has a duty to consult and, where appropriate, accommodate [Aboriginal Nations] when the Crown contemplates conduct that might adversely impact potential or established Aboriginal or Treaty rights.”

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Lack of sanitation and safe drinking water violates the right to safe and adequate housing. Combined with poor hygiene, it makes people sick because they ingest fecal matter without even knowing it, creates breeding grounds for insects carrying diseases like trachoma, and contaminates water sources; water-borne illnesses impact children most, keeping more kids from school and causing trauma for the many parents whose children don’t survive these diseases, up to 2,000 each day.

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But under Linux it is possible to do all this using terminator, zssh and expect scripts: