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You've made a complete fool of yourself, man. I wrote at length about the rape charges and subsequent rape apology in an article here:

And if you're so concerned about the impending collapse, why are you commenting here instead of stocking up on food, water, and gold? Oh, I know. Because you're full of shit. Man.

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This is a reprint of an article from early 2010. It's not a response to the current charges Mangum faces (though the points are still very much relevant).

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The commenting software automatically deleted your comment because of your potty mouth. The commenting rules are clearly stated: "If you feel like an expletive helps make your point then just follow the first letter with a few stars. Censored profanity is acceptable."

I didn't make the rules, but I follow them. That's why my comment was posted and your comment was filtered out. NewsReal isn't your litter box.

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You are wildly off-base. The government did not burn a book. A guy who owned that book burned it, and broke no laws in the process. Are property rights not sacred to you?

Also, it must be nice to go through life with such a big ego that you can declare yourself the arbiter of what is and is not art. If the pastor had slapped on some skinny jeans and an ironic trucker hat and contracted with an independent playhouse to provide a venue for his Koran burning, would it be performance art? What about Piss Christ? How 'bout Robert Mapplethorpe photographing himself with a bullwhip shoved up his arse? Was that Constitutionally protected expression because you say so, or because it got the NEA rubber stamp of approval?

Art is about the expression of ideas, the channeling of emotion into a visual representation of the world. Who's to say that the pastor's a$$holery wasn't performance art? Oh, right, it's you because you've appointed yourself the Minister of Expression.

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If demonstrators want to avoid accusations of "anti-Muslim hate", then maybe their "passionate" protest should not include yelling "Go back home" at people who were born on American soil. It should not include shouting "Mohammed was a child molester" at young children as they follow their parents into a community center. And it should not include the generalization that all Muslims "beat your women" and "rape your children!"

(This, of course, assumes the CAIR video was not doctored to stir up resentment of Tea Partiers.)

From what I understand, the people saying these things were a small subset of demonstrators who broke off from the main protest. For all we know they were infiltrators, and I can't fathom why any supporter of the Tea Party would be okay with this behavior. If the footage on the video is accurate, then I strongly condemn the protesters for their disgusting outbursts.

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LindaC01, the shock was tongue-in-cheek. Trust me, this was no surprise.

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I rescued your comment from moderation. Try to use asterisks in 4-letter words if you want to avoid the profanity filter.

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I rescued your comment - it tripped the profanity filter.

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This Krepel person is obviously plugged in to how the Left thinks, and knows full well that if he were a righty, the feminist Left would be going apesh*t on him right now. They would say that it's not insulting a woman that's misogynist; it's the use of an inherently gender-based attack (the b word) to demonize a person with a different opinion.

If Krepel ever caught a male NewsReal blogger using the b word to describe a woman on the Left, he would literally salivate over the chance to point out the misogyny. So yeah, Megan was right to call him out on that.

I have one more point to add to Megan's response: This dude is a **writer** and the best he can come up with is "catty b----"? We can quibble about whether the insult was misogynist, but there's no room for debate on whether his post was pathetic and lazy writing.

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Diane wrote, "Why do we have to have a special outreach to blacks?"

Because for decades the Left has poured tremendous resources into convincing black Americans that their home is in the Democratic Party. Why allow them to do this unopposed? Why allow a distaste for identity politics to hinder our chances of winning?

There is absolutely nothing offensive about reaching out to black Americans to let them know that despite what the Left tells them, they have a home on the Right. That's just good P.R.

Also, your suggestion that adoption "solves the problem of single motherhood" serves to bolster Rob's point: if you approach single mothers as a problem to be solved rather than partners in achieving conservative goals, you are alienating potential allies.