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yup, I think its because we are not at war with Somalia, esp considering there is not really any government to declare it with. Even though it was Int. waters, they are still citizens of Somalia. At lest this is how I read it. In any case I don't think the Navy would do anything without the White House's approval, not with half of every camera on earth pointed at them.

This is a Good thing, Like Beck said, If this was Bush and things went badly we(they) would be in an uproar, it turned out good, so we need to praise the President. And you can't say he took too long, You need to wait for the prefect moment, can't get it wrong. He's alive, that is what matters.

Oops sorry man I ranted, :p

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Amen! there is a distinctive difference between blather/rhetoric and substance. He's he not merely filling space, if it means something, which it does. Too much these days are kinda this fast food, small chunks of info, which leave a lot out. I get enough SoundBites listing to new radio and watching tv, I would hope that places like this would be more in depth.

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Gee, I thought it was a happy, hippy-era thing.

Thinking more on this symbol it must be U.N. related or thought up. Only they could make a warm and fuzzy WARNING label, but at least you feel safe right?

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lolz you crazy git.

Your not paranoid. Esp with things like this coming up: http://www.csmonitor.com/2009/0310/p09s01-coop.ht... We are starting to lose the real connections we have with each other and instead forced to maintain fake connections that the media/parties prescribe to use.