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I think Ann Coulter is a great role model, for girls and boys. Heck, half the men in politics aren't as ballsy as she is....she just has the guts to speak the truth. As for saving it for marriage, it's worth the wait....or at least I keep telling myself that more often than the media says otherwise. Great column Steven!

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I love Sean Hannity like I love Chocolate Milk and I LOVE CHOCOLATE MILK! I think he is one of the most wonderful people in the world. I kind of developed a little crush during the 2000 election and the mess in Florida. I was on home tutor and I watched Fox News all day, even while the teacher from the school system was there. May he and his family be blessed by God and kept safe. I love how he takes the hatred others have for him and laughs at it. He is a courageous front runner and I enjoy listening to him on the radio. I don't often get to see his show because of my work schedule. I'm sure he's just as awesome in person as I think he sounds on the radio. I'm Hannitized!

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True, true! it's so difficult to make points heard over the other shouting and glitter. After working with young adults as an assistant manager at a movie theater, i still can't believe how easily these kids my age (25) and younger are being brainwashed. If they could only think. But that's part of the problem, too. They were not taught to think in school, they were taught to learn. There is so little free thinking. The big, easy, cop-out: whatever comes down from the limelight and those false gods that young people idolize. I was home-schooled by God, Rush, and Fox News. Oh yeah, Mom, too.

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Aww....Dang....Look at he saying we ain't racist! It came out of the Democrat mouthpieces so we MUST be racist!!! Steven what are you doing? Are you trying to undo all their hard work? Pfft! I like it!

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Thank you, Steven, I love you. You renew my faith in the young men around me. All my life I've been one of the boys, athlete, video gamer, computer geek. I've always been the handyman type because stuff needed done at home and my father was away working long hours. I can fix almost anything home or automotive, but I can cook, clean, I love kids and want to add to the overpopulation issue. I'm the type people expect to be a feminazi, but I'm looking for a man, just not the hyperestrogenated guys I see a lot around me. I want that band on my hand. It's not just Hollywood men and women, it's men and women all around me in Ohio, too.

P.S. I sent in my desire to fill that open wife position but haven't heard back, what's the hold-up? ;D

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AMEN! God love ya! That was amazing. I also recall reading somewhere in The Bill of Rights that there was something called "Freedom OF Religion," not freedom from it. A higher power keeps one humble. Not that humility is what Brad Pitt is known for. I don't see anybody comparing him to Jesus.

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Gotta love it. Grass roots movements getting the disapproval will only bolster us. It's purely a psychological thing. If they tell us it's bad or wrong, let's do it! Not like it's a crime....yet.

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Honey, that's fine. God knows I'm clean. Good luck with that hate sweetie. Even Christ had his persecutors. Pick on the dumb blond that doesn't care a Popsicle lick in Hell what you lie about.

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Aah! I'm so sick of the racism deal. My brother and I watched from the back seat of the car as a child while my father got abused by a black cop that was out of his jurisdiction. I didn't see my dad calling the media and whining. Nope. Calling the cops wouldn't have done any good then, either. The cop claimed that our "Discover Kids" booklights were blinking in S.O.S. pattern. We were like 7 and 8 years old. Ok, we were the nerd kids that knew S.O.S. patterning Morse, but really? There were no cruiser cameras then, either. It's all about doing your job and being respectful of those that do theirs. Life, what ya gonna do?

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You're right. It goes right along with that agenda they have. Nothing socialized can ever look bad or have a problem.