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Thanks for the win, WYK! Chances are I'll be picking up Point Lookout, but I'm gonna try and figure out a way to get my hands on Shadow Complex too. :D

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Bonus. Thank you for clarifying for those who keep rushing to claim something's happening that might not be.

Well put, and I hope to get hands on MW2 ASAP!

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That looks pretty cool! They should definitely have made that hoodie for guys, too. Looks awesome. :D

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I gotta agree with Rivet City! Guards with machine guns protecting the doors, scientists on location, & access to food/drink when it's needed.

Safe & Not radioactive = My place to be in the wasteland!

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Great work on the contest, good sir! Way to tie in multiple networks for the prizes!

Here's hoping I can get in on the *win*. :D

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Yea, I'm trying to remember if gaining Avatar gear via Achievement was a gamer or Microsoft lauded goal. I completely agree that it should come along with achievements, but the more people paying for it, the less chance we'll ever see that happening.

Unfortunately, people fail to see the bigger picture here. It's all fine and good now, but when the already high prices rise *again*, they'll have noone to blame but themselves.

XBLA's median price says "Hi."

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I've realized it, unfortunately. Destructoid mentioned it months ago:

That still doesn't make it any less *dumb*. The horse armor is $2.50 and people *still* buy it. I think what grates me most is that if people don't spend the money on it, the prices would come down.

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That's absolutely ridiculous. I had the feeling as soon as the Marketplace was announced that it would be a money pit, but not *that* much so.

I can buy Gin Rummy for XBLA right now or 400 MS Points. How is a lightsaber or suit of armor for an avatar - that doesn't have any in-game practical use, mind you - worth more than a full game?!

What happened to the 25¢ to 75¢ prices that they talked about in the initial announcements? Down the freakin' tube, because people spend money on this nonsense.

This is NO DIFFERENT than horse armor! Noone bought that, so they're trying to gouge with Avatars now? Absolutely ridiculous.

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Well that's just completely awesome!

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Congratulations on behalf of GAMINGtruth as well!

Recover soon, but don't rush back - and I mean that in a good way! For all the work Trixie does for Xbox, she deserves to enjoy her daughter and rest.

Just my opinion, though. :)