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Hmm. He still doesn’t come out and say if he still holds those views or that he is specifically sorry for saying those words and I don’t see what protecting his wrestler brothers has to do with his personal views, caught in public or not.
Plus, what he does say doesn’t sound fair on The New Day or Titus O’Neil. Is he suggesting that they heard what they want to hear? If not, then he hasn’t really addressed them at all.
I hope he does get a chance to sit down one to one and man to man with them. His return will be tainted otherwise.

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Wish you would shrink back to obscurity!

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This article!? Again!? This site is losing the plot!!

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Do TMZ reporters just hang around airports looking for anyone they recognise just to ask them questions with the intention of stirring up some controversy??

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What a cringey piece of ass-licking by the WWE’s Twitter propaganda team!
Really highlights the special treatment Rhonda gets compared to the other girls.

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Vince: “Jinder was a World Champion for months and Bobby Lashley once beat me, the genetic jackhammer! Of course those sheep will buy Roman after this!”

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‘Possible’ and ‘maybe’ should not used as an update.
What a disgusting example of clickbait. Came here for an update and find out it’s just Meltzer guessing. Now I know how Spike TV felt when it emerged that TNA was secretly using Vince Russo again!

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I wonder if they’ll have Lashley and Reigns end in a draw or a no-contest, so that it will a triple threat at Summerslam. This means if it’s Brock’s last match, they can get a Lashley match out of him and have Roman pin him to ‘chase him out of the company’.

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Nicole Matthews was in a tag team called the Canadian Ninjas. Not sure how they were ninjas tho. I preferred her partner, Portia Perez. Such a cutie. Shame she had to retire.

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“Rumour and innuendo”