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Roman Reigns versus the entire roster in a squash match is what we use as piss breaks now that Divas can actually wrestle.

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With less than 30 superstars on the active roster, we're not going to tell you if Lesnar is going to announce that he's in the Rumble tonight. It's a surprise!

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We're trying this angle out in NXT where we don't insult everyone's intelligence. Every now and then in pro wrestling we like to experiment with new ideas.

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Due to all of the injuries we are racking up, this year's Wrestlemania will be main evented by the most over heel, Curtis Axel versus the most over babyface, The New Day's trombone.

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I don't want to spoil the surprise for you guys, but eventually all this Bullet Club stuff is going to lead to a tag team main event on Smackdown.

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We felt like our first big Smackdown show on the USA network should be something special, so we flew John Cena in so he could request a match for the US Title! Then immediately get his request denied and not return at all for the rest of the show. Tune in this Thursday for all the excitement!

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I know some of you are questioning why we had this squad jobbing on this week's Main Event, but we promise a very bright future of endeavors for this 4 man band!